Every open space deserves a quiet place

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May 1 - 31, 2018

We did a pretty exhaustive search of the sound proof booth market. Zenbooth came highly recommended so we tried them out. The booths and the service were outstanding. 

Malcolm F. - Verified Buyer

At first I was skeptical about this whole "phone booth" idea. Zenbooth recommended we try a single unit to see if it would work for our needs. Within days I was loving the instant access to quiet. 

Darren H. - Verified Buyer

If your office is hectic. If you're always running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find somewhere you can hear the person on the other end of the line, you're gonna love having Zenbooths. 

Sarah T. - Verified Buyer

We love the booths. The only problem we run into is not having enough of them! 

Martin E. - Verified Buyer

The booths have become deeply integrated into our process. Almost all of our Skype calls are made from the booths. We love them.

Brendan K. - Verified Buyer

We have a truly wide open office concept with only 2 private offices for a company of over 250 people. We have a lot of different sized meeting and conference rooms but they are always in high demand and often over-booked. We have 3 major office locations, often times with individuals needing to video-tele-conference with each other from different locations. We set up the phone booths with hardware that perfectly allows someone to step into a booth and have a video-tele-conference with someone in another office at the easiest of conveniences. We essentially created 8 miniature conference rooms by buying the 8 booths, saving us a ton of time, money, and effort, and best of all everyone absolutely loves them and we can move them or take them with us wherever we go.

Ben M. - Verified Buyer

Zenbooth has greatly alleviated the pressure of having consistently impacted conference rooms in our office. We evaluated a few different options in our search, and it became clear very quickly that Zenbooth was going to come out on top, in terms of customer service, pricing, and availability. The booths were delivered on time and the team went the extra mile to assure their installation was a success.

-Dani S. - Verified Buyer


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