Modular Meeting Pods: See How This New Product Can Save Your Office

Is your current office layout not working for you and your employees? Your layout may be reducing productivity for your team, but all is not lost. 

A few changes could have a considerable impact. Depending on your budget and current workspace, it may feel like making meaningful overhaul to your office is unrealistic and too expensive.

What if there was a product that helped you create a more positive, efficient work environment, without the need for disruptive construction or excessive costs?

Modular Meeting Pods are the solution you're looking for. These compact, transportable rooms add privacy and functionality to every workplace without the drain on time or money that comes with construction. 

Their modular design allows them to be easily shipped and brought to your office, even if you're on the top floor. They can be installed in one afternoon in every office layout you can think of. 

Modular Office Pods Improve Every Office Layout By Adding Flexibility

Our Zenbooth product solves a lot of problems faced by employees working in distracting offices. Here are a few of the common design concepts we help mediate:

  • Open Office: Open offices may be all the rage these days, but those who work in them find themselves begging for partitions to get away from office disruptions & chaos. Workers in these layouts benefit immensely from having a soundproof meeting pod to step into. 
  • Closed Office: Partitions may prevent some distractions, but they can also hamper collaboration. This layout can make it difficult for employees who may need to work on a group project together. A modular Zenbooth is the perfect place for small groups to get work done.
  • Office Neighborhoods: If your current layout incorporates elements of both an open and a closed office, you may find that multiple meeting pods suit the needs of your different departments.
  • Agile Offices: Our booths are very beneficial for office layouts that are meant to accommodate small teams, freelancers, and remote employees. Having one available will make your layout more adaptable to different workers, and to their schedules and working styles.

Given their compact size and modular design, meetings pods can be easily installed in any of the above office spaces. Have a spare work area you're not taking advantage of? How about a spare corner of the floor plan? A meeting pod can make the most of the smallest of spaces

Boost Your Staff's Mood and Productivity

A work environment that is flexible in accommodating to the needs of its employees is a happier and more productive one. Unfortunately, there are many aspects of an office that can bother workers and affect their performance. Some of the most common workplace issues include:

  • Distractions From Coworkers
  • A Lack of Privacy
  • No Place to Collaborate
  • Nowhere to Unwind
  • Physical Discomfort

You can combat all of these issues at once by incorporating Zenbooths into your office. By doing so, you'll have a direct impact on raising the mood and morale of your employees, which is deeply linked to their productivity. Perhaps the most common complaint of all regards the lack of privacy that is felt in both open and closed offices alike. 

recent study found that many workers were willing to give up their bonuses, vacation days, windows, and coffee machines if it meant having more privacy throughout the workweek. Needless to say, addressing this issue in your own workplace could have a strong effect on your office environment.

The soundproof design of a meeting pod would make it the perfect getaway from the noise and distractions of the office.

Physical discomfort in the workplace is a leading contributor to a negative work environment. In more densely populated workspaces, many workers may start to experience unpleasant health effects such as dizziness, dehydration, and overheating. 

Having a well ventilated modular office to step into, whether for work or simply to unwind, will keep your employees feeling cool and refreshed all day long.

There's no better way of showing your workers you care than by bringing in a solution for the issues they're having with your office layout. 

The Benefits of Modular Offices & Conference Rooms

There are many reasons why a modular design is superior to other pod construction designs, but here are just a few of the most notable ones.

  • Lightweight Materials: The lightweight materials of these products make them easy to transport across the country, and bring to any part of an office building where you may be located. Along with being lightweight, these materials are also sturdy and eco-conscious.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: As they can be taken apart and put together easily, you'll have no problem moving the pod into different parts of the office. You may find for a few months that you want to use it as a recharge room, but its modular design ensures you can always change your mind and have it repurposed if you wish.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly: An easy assembly and disassembly process doesn't just guarantee a quick installation. It also ensures that you'll have no problem taking your booth with you if you ever move your office into a new building.
  • Affordability: Put simply, many employers don't have the funds required to install an entirely new room in their workplace (not to mention having to deal with building owners beforehand).

These positives alone make a modular design an absolute must for anyone looking to have a meeting room installed in their office. 

Other designs can be a bit of a headache, with higher costs and far more difficulty in reaching and accommodating different office layouts. Not sure which company makes the best, most affordable, high-quality modular pods on the market? We have the answer.

Zenbooth Duo 

The Zenbooth Duo is our medium size product, comfortably accommodating two workers at a time. You can order the Duo with either a maple or white exterior, though you'll find both have a subtle and cohesive look within your office.

Alongside its calming color scheme, the booth's rectangular shape allows it to easily fit in your office, without taking up any unnecessary space. 

The Duo is a great spot in which to relax, brainstorm, chat, and collaborate. This booth is outfitted with dimmable lights, a high-quality ventilation system, and soundproofed walls to ensure that workers can focus on what they're doing once inside.

With plenty of electrical outlets, a skylight ceiling, and an adjustable desk, the Duo is sure to be a hit among your staff.

Zenbooth Quad 

The Zenbooth Quad is larger than the Duo, but still compactly designed to fit into your workplace as easily as possible. Comfortably fitting 4-6 people at a time, the Quad is an ideal space for everything from a strategizing area to a recharge room.

There are many features that go into making this room so adaptable to the needs of you and your employees. 

Its 3.5 inch thick walls with echo absorption panels keep loud noises and distractions out. Pair that with the twin high-powered ventilation system, the 6 electrical outlets, and the roomy interior, and you can tell this product was made to host even the most urgent group projects.

Zenbooth Modular Meeting Pods: Simple, Affordable, Risk-Free

The modular design of both the Zenbooth Duo and Quad allows them to be easily put together and taken apart. This means safe shipping and an easy and affordable installation process into your office.

For many employers, having an entirely new room built may be completely unrealistic. Construction can be expensive, time-consuming, and distracting. When you go with a Zenbooth, you don't need to wait on permission from potential building owners or dish out tens of thousands of dollars to get the space you need.

If all that wasn't enough, Zenbooth is also offering free shipping and a 30-day return period. That means the process is totally risk-free. With free assembly and installation included with the Quad, there's no reason to delay your investment.

Interested in making one of our products a beloved fixture of your office? Contact us on our website to place an order, or to ask any questions you may have.

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