Soundproof Office Pods At A Silicon Valley Company Near You

Silicon Valley got it wrong – very wrong.

Countless studies, research papers, and surveys have now found that the trend of open offices is doing nothing but harming your employees’ productivity. 

Removing or shrinking partitions and implementing an open-door policy isn’t fostering collaboration – instead, it’s leaving your team members distracted, unfocused, and quite frankly, frustrated.

One of the most significant factors that contribute to lost productivity is noise. Without walls or dividers, staff working on individual projects have no choice but to listen to rowdy brainstorming sessions and enthusiastic sales calls.

The solution? Furniture like soundproof office pods.

Let’s examine the drawbacks of an open office space and explain just how beneficial the very best soundproof office pods can be.

What’s So Bad About an Open Office Environment?

The predicted scene is idyllic – smiling employees communicating with their fellow workmates. Those with less experience have the opportunity to learn from your business’s high performers, and high performers can put their heads together and devise new solutions.

Innovation is easy because every team member is involved, whatever the activity.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the reality.

Instead, it’s employees desperately trying to shut out office clatter with noise-canceling headphones. It’s a team member on an extremely important call unable to concentrate because they are seated next to the loudest type in the office. It’s all the enthusiasm that’s curbed in an effort to “keep it down.”

We aren’t just guessing, either. More than 50 percent of top employees find their workplaces too noisy and too distracting. What’s more, following one quick interruption, employees need up to 25 minutes to regroup and refocus.

In short, your open office is costing you employee time. And, we all know how it goes – time is money.

Using Soundproof Office Pods

Investing in an office pod can completely revolutionize how your team operates. Our thick, 3.5-inch acoustic wall construction method combines layers of recycled denim insulation and felt panels that diminish sound and allow private conversations to take place in the office.

How can this benefit your employees? The advantages are two-fold. Inside the pod, employees experience a quiet, distraction-free environment. This is ideal for a whole host of different scenarios, including:

  • Individual work on a project that requires total focus
  • Critical phone calls that could be derailed by background noise
  • Team collaboration and brainstorming that can get loud
  • A few minutes of peaceful rest and respite following a stressful situation in the workplace

Outside the pod, employees at their desks will remain focused on the task at hand even when group meetings are in full swing. 

And, team members can collaborate freely (that’s what an open office is designed for) without being worried about disrupting those that might be tasked with individual work or are on a high-stakes call.

The Result: Happier, More Productive Staff

The people you hire are the heart of your business. Without them, the whole thing would come crumbling down. You want to give them the very best workplace experience possible, one that empowers them to do their best.

With a soundproof office pod, you can facilitate both individual and teamwork – all while giving your employees a place to take stock, enjoy a few minutes’ timeout, and return to their desk feeling fresh and focused. 

Check out our range of premium models today. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’d be more than happy to help.

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