Inside a Zenbooth

  • We've listened, and built our booths based on the features you need.

Step inside.

Zenbooth Comfort Booth on White Background
Zenbooth Acoustics Technology | Office Phone Booths

Optimized Acoustic Experience

Layers of sustainable acoustic insulation and felt panels dampen sound and enable private conversations in the office.

Zenbooth Ventilation | Office Phone Booths

Keep Cool

High-powered motion-activated fans keep you cool while you work and cycle fresh air into the booth once every minute.

Zenbooth Office Phone Booths in Office Setting

Fits in Any Office

Our neutral aesthetic compliments your space's existing furniture and fits seamlessly into any office setting.

Zenbooth Office Phone Booth Lighting & Skylight Ceiling

Bright & Spacious

Integrated dimmable lighting and full skylight ceiling light up the booth so you don't have to leave your bright ideas in the dark.

Zenbooth Adjustable Desk | Office Phone Booths

Work More Flexibly

The industry's only powered height-adjustable desk allows you to easily change positions for improved ergonomics.

Zenbooth Electrical Unit | Office Phone Booths

Stay Plugged In

A UL-listed electrical interface allows you to stay plugged in and charge your devices while you work.

For you and your office.

Designed with Compliance in Mind

We’ve designed our booths with fire, accessibility and HR compliance in mind, so that getting a booth into your office doesn’t feel like a hassle. Read more about compliance here.

Booths in No Time

Does your boss want booths yesterday? With the fastest lead time in the industry, we can rush ship you booths in as fast as 10 days (fees may apply).

Excellent Service

Our responsive and honest service team will make sure you have the best experience, and our US factory can provide parts fast under our three year warranty.

Battle Tested

Our booths are constructed with durable hard-surfaced and sturdy materials that won’t fall apart after a few weeks and are easy to clean.

Easy to assemble

The booths ship flat-packed and are easy to install so you can start using them the same day they’re delivered.

Control Over Your Space

The lightweight nature of the booths allows you to easily move them anywhere your office needs them.

Find your quiet place

Quiet places for every open office space.