Office Phone Pods: Get Health, Productivity Advantages & More

Office pods are a new way to get more out of your office space. With a pod placed in your office, you and your employees will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits, which we’ve detailed below.

Taking Calls More Easily with Office Phone Pods

Let’s get this one out of the way first since it’s the advantage that you probably expected the most. Having an office privacy pod means you can take calls in a quiet area, without the noisy coworkers interfering.

This is fantastic for private phone conversations, especially for calls regarding a project which is governed by a non-disclosure agreement.

This may also give confidence to members of your team who try to get the best deals from clients and suppliers. Building a sense of rapport is hugely important in sales, but they may feel under pressure to keep chat to a minimum while working in an open-plan office space with people nearby. A more comfortable environment could lead to the type of conversation that the customer needs to finally make that huge order.

When making phone calls, it can often be difficult to concentrate when others are talking nearby. Hearing two voices, or more, at once can be disorientating and may cause employees to lose track of what’s being discussed.

For video conferencing and conference calls, this can be even more difficult. A private phone booth allows calls and videos to be put on speaker, without disturbing others. It also ensures a more professional environment, which is important to those on the other end of the line.

Office Phone Pods Provide Mental Health Benefits

You might be surprised to learn that your open-plan office space may actually be harming the mental health of your employees. Several studies have documented the ill effects of this layout, and the availability of a soundproof booth can alleviate many of them.

Lack of privacy, constant noise levels, and not having any control over where you work: these are all big issues that cause stress in your employees.

Having an office quiet space available means that your employees can find privacy whenever they need it. It has been proven that employees work harder when they feel that they are working in privacy. Removing that distraction allows workers to get on with the task at hand.

To enable this benefit, a physical barrier is just as important as the soundproofing aspect. If one or the other is missing, the employee simply won’t feel as focused or secure.

According to numerous studies, workplace noise has lots of negative health effects.The distraction of this constant noise is something that grinds away at our subconscious even when we are not aware of it. It can cause stress levels to rise astronomically, inducing emotions like anger and depression.

On top of all of this, workers can start to feel helpless if they do not have the option to change their environment. They feel trapped even in an open-plan space, with no way to take control and gain privacy or quiet when they need it.

This stress is alleviated when they have the option to go into a private booth as needed.

We know that high levels of stress are very bad for a person’s health, meaning there’s more time off from work for being sick. Employees will also be less productive, which means projects missing deadlines and resources not being used to full capacity. This will fuel lower job satisfaction, meaning a higher turnover and even loss of your top talent. 

The soundproof office booth acts as a buffer against all of this stress and can help to reduce stress’ negative effects. Your staff will be more productive, happier to stay at their jobs, and healthier overall. Any manager or company owner would be thrilled to see these benefits.

How Office Phone Pods Improve Physical Health

We know that that stress levels can directly impact mental health, but you should also be aware that isolation booths can offer more physical health benefits compared to open-plan only offices as well.

Research has found that employees are 50% more likely to take time off with illness when they work in an open-plan office. The reason for this is that the close confines, circulation of air caused by air conditioning, and the contact with other employees causes germs and bacteria to spread more easily.

Should one of your staff members come down with the flu or infection, it’s likely that others will catch the virus from them as well. A soundproof booth provides a way to separate your employees and keep bouts of illness to a minimum.

Creating an Adaptable Space

How do you know when you’ve found the optimum office layout? What happens when you need to expand your team and add another desk or private office space? Is your office flexible enough to move everything around whenever you need to?

With our portable soundproof booths, the answer is simple. They're easy to put up and take down. They can even be moved around without any disassembly – the Comfort Booth is easy to push or pull around on slider pads.

If you build a permanent or even semi-permanent partition in your office space, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort changing it around later – and a lot of money, too. With a soundproof pod, you can move your mini office around as needed.

High Quality, Office Phone Booth Pods Made By Professionals

Many companies think they can create their own phone booth pods and everything will be easy. The reality is, companies can spend $10,000 easily just on construction, and even then it may not function as desired.

The advantage of purchasing a professional office telephone booth is that everything is already set up for you. There are more than 50 individual parts that make up one of these booths, so when you consider that even one of them being installed wrong could throw the whole project off, it makes sense to purchase a pod that has a fixed cost.

These products are not simply insulated booths. They also offer exhaust fans which keep the air circulating. These fans also ensure that the temperature and the humidity will remain at a stable state during the time the booth is in use. The fans know when to turn on thanks to motion sensor triggers by the door, so no energy is wasted.

Electricity is also a concern for those who need to use office equipment, such as computers and telephones, while they are in the soundproof booth. There are multiple outlets within each pod: two USB ports which offer fast charging, two three-prong outlets, and another open port which can be used for Ethernet and cable.

There are plenty of benefits when using office phone booth pods beyond just isolating your staff from noise. They may just be one of the most valuable additions you ever make to your office.

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