Obnoxious, Loud Coworkers? Hide In An Office Phone Booth

Working at a company with insensitive coworkers can be a daily nightmare, especially in an open office. There can feel like no place to hide from the constant interruptions and distractions. Concentration is vital in any job, which is why Zenbooth offers office pods that can be built into any work space to maximize privacy and quiet.

It feels good to exchange ideas with employees at your company and work closely together to achieve something. But there are many days when time apart can be hugely beneficial. Not all co-workers are considerate, and even the most sensitive employee can be a distraction without knowing it.

An Office Phone Booth​ to Avoid Your Noisy Colleague 

Unfortunately, in an office without adequate noise control, the least respectful person is the main voice that consistently penetrates your privacy. This is a common problem at offices, with studies highlighting that 54% of high-performance employees consider their workplace too distracting. 

For co-workers who need to make or receive calls, it can become much harder to maintain the focus and privacy that is required to stay productive and on task.

Improve Levels of Turnover With a Zenbooth Office Pod


loud obnoxious coworkers


Stress from unsatisfactory working conditions and poor performance go hand in hand. Happy employees put in more hours, are more efficient for those hours, stay with the company for longer and exceed expectations. In the wrong conditions, with an obnoxious, loud co-worker on staff, the office's discontentment causes people to leave, and that, in turn, creates a negative atmosphere.

Nowadays 70% of offices have zero or low partitions. In open offices, it can prove impossible to escape the noise, and conflicts between your talkative co-worker can occur. There is significant value in offering staff office quiet rooms​ designated for calm and focus. These specific quiet zones are proving effective and desirable for both employees and employers.

A Place to Escape From Loud Talkers

Perhaps the solution to a healthy working environment is the best of both worlds. Employees should be given the option to work in shared areas to collaborate while also being offered a relaxing, low-intensity space to work on their own.

Our work pods​ offer a much-needed sanctuary in a busy office. Our modular booths are designed to be easily integrated into a modern open office with little need to redesign the space and can be assembled and disassembled in no time.

Zenbooths are available in a range of sizes, accommodating up to two people. We offer booths for single use and booths designed for management needs, confidential meetings, or private client conferences.

Our office pods, recently featured in the New York Times​, are a leader in providing privacy and quiet spaces in offices. Zenbooth's working spaces come with two electrical and two USB outlets, shatterproof glass, and silent interior fans built into our top of the range, quiet enhancing technology. Our booths are constructed with the highest eco-friendly credentials, using recyclable materials and sustainability-sourced wood all from the USA.

These innovative booths are engineered with privacy and noise minimization in mind. They are rigorously tested and have been proven to block up to an impressive 40 decibels of noise. Our use of cutting-edge design and the highest quality materials ensures that distraction from obnoxious co-workers is a thing of the past.

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