Portable, Nearly Soundproof Booths Provide 7 Amazing Benefits

If we're being honest, traditional open office floor plans do provide some advantages. The typical open space work environment is fairly cheap, as a company need only purchase desks, computing equipment, and an assortment of other office paraphernalia. 

On the other hand, open offices also include a series of severe drawbacks which most firms either don't fully - or only partially – address. (Portable soundproof booths, on the other hand, address all of them.)


These issues include pervasive work background noise and it's associated health effects, the spread of common communicable diseases such as the flu, and over management.

This is due to the fact that office design companies have not developed solutions mitigate these issues. Granted, there exist cubicles and other office partitions, but office equipment like that hardly addresses the problems we've highlighted, which make them, in effect, an unnecessary expense which can drain a company's needed capital.

However, thanks to recent developments, with the advent of office pod technology, these problems can not only be virtually eliminated, but a series of pro-productivity, pro-worker benefits are provided as well.

portable soundproof booths

1 – Portable Soundproof Booths Improve Worker Focus

A typical open office environment is often rife with distracting background noise. Not only does the constant buzz drain a worker's will to be productive, but out-of-the-ordinary interruptions can break focus entirely and sap the amount of work achieved in a given day significantly.

To provide specific figures, a study conducted by Humboldt University in Berlin found that following a major physical distraction or disrupting noise, it could take an office employee up to as many as 23 minutes to re-engage and focus back on the task they were in the middle of completing.

Fortunately, office booths such as those provided by Zenbooth, mitigate this issue almost completely as they block 40 decibels worth of sound. This means that most obnoxious noise – with the exception of safety equipment such as a fire alarm – will not penetrate the booths near-soundproof shell, thus protecting an employ from a distracting cacophony.

2 – Office Booths Cut Down on Sick Days

Furthermore, given the fact that workers are physically separated from one another, this reduces the chance that airborne diseases will spread through an office. Booths have physical barriers in the form of solid wooden walling – and, elite models, such as the office pods provided by Zenbooth, are built with quiet ventilation fans. 

These efficient, yet silent devices constantly circulate fresh, filtered air in, while removing old, potentially dusty air out. This means employees are less likely to take sick days and drag down potential office output.

The capacity for office pods to both block the spread of disconcerting sound and illness-causing microbes means that employees are more focused and far more likely to be at work producing at an optimal rate.

3 – Office Booths Promote Individuality

For many, a common sentiment of the modern office setting is the depressed sensation of being part of a drab collective, rather than an exciting, dynamic business. Office pods alleviate that ongoing sense of anxiety since they are self-contained, autonomous units. Such a design promotes sentiments of individuality in the minds of workers, and thus raises both employee self-esteem and workplace satisfaction.


Subconscious benefits like this can have a real windfall effect on a company's performance. Most business owners are aware that it is, on average, 10 times more expensive to hire and train a new employee than retain an existing one. And in a world where workers are likely more than ever to hop from job to job if they find that they aren't valued, productive, or comfortable, turnover can be lethal to both upstart and established firms.

Thus, an office booth's capacity to promote esteem as well as provide a comfortable, custom-tailored work environment is vital to maintaining a strong, loyal workforce.

4 –Less Chance of Worker Conflict

Even the most gregarious individuals have their own personal limits when it comes to interacting with other people. And the more a person knows another one, the more likely it is that some form of unpleasant social interaction is going to happen. 

Of course, this is not to suggest that heated workplace arguments are a common occurrence, they are not. What is common, however, is petty squabbling between employees which often costs a human resources department much needed time resolving an issue which could've been avoided.

Most intra-office feuds begin with minor objections to co-workers' idiosyncrasies. That factor, combined with office background noise, the type of cologne or perfume one employee wears, and the visual of an office environment wherein personnel are constantly moving, has the potential to exacerbate existing grudges.

Office booths, by design, address this issue fully by separating workers into their own private space free of any potential drama. 

5 – Office Booths Cut Down on Over-supervision

Office managers have the task of assessing and maintaining employee morale and productivity. Unfortunately, despite having exemplary training, proper experience, and possessing the best intentions – many can be overzealous in their endeavors to check in on their employees. 

Consequently, managers may literally be constantly staring over their employee's shoulder – which, in addition to wasting the managers time – can produce avoidable anxiety in the mind of the worker.

But when one considers the focus-boosting effects of office booths, this behavior on the part of a manager is unneeded, or at the very least not required to the same degree. Further, once a manager realizes that he or she need not over-supervise, they can reinvest time on other tasks, thus benefiting the company in some other fashion.

6 – Portable Soundproof Booths Are Varied for Convenience

Just like office desks and chairs, office booths come in a few different configurations which can suit any office setting. The minimalist models provide the typical amenities that all office booths do (ventilation fans, durable hardwood exterior, double-pane glass insulated door) and are standing room only. 

These models are ideal for workers who're in the office for brief periods. Alternatively, with a built-in anti-fatigue floor mat, these units are also great for those who enjoy long-hours on their feet.

Standard executive models provide ample room for office equipment (i.e. a laptop or desktop, office manuals, etc.) as well as any standard office chair.

Even if a business leader needs a small group of employs to work together, that's no issue at all as executive units can comfortably hold up to four standing people, simultaneously, with room to maneuver.

7 – Portable Office Booth Placement is Incredibly Versatile

The spacing constraints and floor plan of any office vary greatly. In fact, one of the other limitations of a traditional open office setting is the degree to which clusters of desks can be placed in a given room while still allowing a free flow of foot traffic. Office booths, on the other hand, can be easily placed and spaced in any number of configurations in rooms of virtually any size.

Businesses can easily avoid the additional costs that renovation incurs when newly located office units need to be added. With a portable soundproof booth, not matter how you choose to rearrange your office, your pod is always going to be in the right spot. 

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