Private Phone Booths for Offices: Benefits, Features and Photos

Does your office need more privacy? 70% of American offices have adopted an open plan design, but they're not always conducive to peace and quiet.

Those who work in them take up to 62% more sick days, which suggests a lot about how the stress and noise levels of these office styles hurt workers' immune systems. 

Additionally, 58% of high-performing employees state that they would like their office at a lower volume to be more productive. 

At Zenbooth, we recognize that open offices come with unique advantages. By banishing the hierarchy that comes with secretive cubicles, they make it easier for employees to engage with one another, no matter what their job title is. With excellent communication generating new ideas, abandoning this aspect of an open office work space wouldn't be a positive move.

Additionally, open offices could reduce isolation in the workplace, giving colleagues the chance to get to know one another. Again, this is an excellent asset in terms of collaboration and team building.

But there's a need to overcome the chaos that open offices bring. With our private phone booths, you can retain the benefits of an open office environment while giving your employees somewhere calm and quiet to work on high priority assignments. 

With clients such as Bosch and Samsung under our belts, we proudly deliver tranquility to offices throughout the U.S. 

Inside a private phone booth

Each booth comes with a custom-made wooden standing desk, giving employees space for their electronics. They also feature a motion sensor based ventilation system, allowing them to stay comfortable and refreshed while the booth is in use. 

To make your life easier as an employer, our phone booths are modular and portable. As such, if you want to move them from one area of your building to another, you can. Zenbooths come in at about 500 lbs, while some competitors can weigh 1000 lbs or more. 

Giving employees somewhere quiet to talk

Although an open office promotes excellent communication, it can have a negative impact on the way employees communicate with the outside world. At the lower end of the scale, they may need to take a personal call. Such calls are (hopefully) infrequent. But when they do happen, it's natural to crave a secluded environment where you can talk.

If you add a Zenbooth to your workplace, you give your employees a new layer of privacy. Our booths shut out the noise that surrounds these calls. 

Phone booths make business transactions easier

On the business side of things, your employees may need to make calls during meetings or discuss important matters with clients. In either scenario, shutting out the background din of an open office works to their advantage. 

Let's say your open office is particularly noisy. When you request that an employee calls someone for information, they may want to take their call to the corridor away from colleagues. In doing so, they remove themselves from their workstation, which doesn't complement their usual sense of productivity. Additionally, you can't guarantee that they'll enjoy a good phone signal.

As a result, their workplace efforts start to become frustrating. Even with the best of intentions, a noisy setting can make a professional call seem sloppy. If neither person can hear the other, there's a risk of miscommunication too.

One way to resolve the issue is to use a Zenbooth. As they're portable, you can place them anywhere within your office so employees don't need to waste time heading outside to hold a conversation. 

Private phone booths allow colleagues to grab some alone time

In a typical office environment, securing alone time is challenging. Being able to grab a few moments of peace in a busy setting is crucial if your employees want to stay productive. According to Tech Radar, noise doesn't just reduce efficiency because of its distracting qualities - the 62% drop in productivity will also occur because of stress, which mounts when employees don't have anywhere to escape.

Stress can become even more overwhelming when external weather conditions don't allow for a few moments of peace either. When you use a Zenbooth, you give your employees somewhere that's entirely silent to escape to. Those who need time to gather their thoughts can do so without feeling as though workplace life is still unfolding all around them. 

A constant influx of unwanted noise can also cause employees' epinephrine levels to rise. As a hormone that fuels anxious and stressful feelings, it often blocks creativity in the worst of ways. When employees feel too riled up to focus on generating creative ideas, their progress can stagnate.

Try a Zenbooth today

When you place a private phone booth in your office, you can expect maximum benefits for your staff. Thanks to our lengthy warranty and 30 day money back guarantee, you can purchase our product risk free. 

If you want to join the litany of businesses who use our booths, then we want to hear from you. Get in touch at our contact page, and we'll respond ASAP. Thanks for reading. 

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