Zenbooth’s Executive Booth Model Provides Premium Privacy at Affordable Costs

Zenbooth’s Executive Booth Model Provides Premium Privacy at Affordable Costs

Zenbooth is celebrating NeoCon’s 50th anniversary in showcasing the best of commercial design by featuring the affordable and highly functional Executive Booth. The Executive Booth represents Zenbooth's answer to the modern office's most important dilemma: how to create private work spaces that combine quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The Executive Booth brings privacy, peace and productivity to the open office floor plan environment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office build out. The Executive Booth delivers added versatility to any office environment as it is created to slide, shift and fit within the growing and ever changing open office floor plan. Users can hold face to face meetings, take phone calls and conduct remote conferences within the comfortable and private atmosphere of the Executive Booth.

Our executive size office privacy booth comfortably seats two people and includes the following features:

  • Double Pane Insulated Glass Door
  • Magnetic Latching System
  • Renewable Sound Insulation
  • Clear Safety Plexi-Glass Ceiling
  • Quiet Ventilation Fans
  • Four Electrical Outlets
  • Four Fast Charging USB Outlets

The Executive Booth comes in two styles: maple exterior with maple interior and white exterior with maple interior.

Zenbooths are priced, designed and manufactured with one goal in mind: Quiet spaces in every workplace. The Executive Booth is engineered for simple assembly and does not require an expensive contractor. Assembling an Executive Booth only requires a hand drill, two individuals, and about four hours to complete.

Open office environments are now more researched and studied than ever before by psychologists, productivity experts and business professionals, and it is now understood that there is a great need for private and quiet spaces within the workplace. Employees with access to private work spaces are experiencing increased productivity and general wellness. Those ready to boost office productivity and wellness can contact Zenbooth today to place an order or get more details.

Zenbooth is excited to have their expert staff on hand during the NeoCon conference and will be happy to discuss how the Executive Booth can change your open office for the better. NeoCon has showcased the best in high quality, attractive, and affordable commercial design for business and government consumers since 1968. Please schedule a visit with Zenbooth on the NeoCon website or click here for event registration information.

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