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Are the booths soundproof? Do they have a decibel sound rating or STC rating?

Zenbooth phone booths, and other phone booth brands, are not 100% soundproof. However, our design & engineering team has optimized the acoustic performance of the booths to dampen noise to the point that conversations had inside of the booths cannot be heard outside.

Since office phone booths are such a new category, there isn't a standardized test for measuring the sound insulation of enclosed spaces like a Zenbooth. Therefore, normal sound rating measurements don't appropriately communicate the function and quality of using a Zenbooth in a noisy office environment.

To experience one yourself, make an appointment for a live demo.

What makes you different than any of the other phone booth companies?

There's a few things that separate us from the other phone booths out there:

  • Full suite of booths: We offer spacious, one-, two-, and four-six person booth models, where some other booth companies only offer one-person models.
  • Designed with accessibility in mind: Aspects of Zenbooth phone booths have been intentionally designed with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) & fire compliance in mind, so that getting booths into your office can be a little easier. Learn more in the "Compliance" section of the FAQs.
  • Adjust work heights easily: Zenbooth is the first phone booth company with an easy-to-use electric adjustable desk option, allowing the booth to be comfortably used by more of your employees. The adjustable desk is available for the Solo & Duo.
  • Easy to clean & maintain: You'll be surprised how frequently these booths will be used! Our sturdy wood materials are easy to clean & wipe up spills, don't trap odors and are durable enough to handle constant use and not break down.
  • Keep cool: Our ventilation system cycles a new booth's worth of fresh air every minute to ensure that you don't heat up while you're getting work done.
  • Bright & spacious: Our booths are the only ones on the market with a full skylight plexiglass ceiling which allows natural light to enter the booth and keep you from feeling cramped while you work.

Does Zenbooth have a return policy?

Yes, we do have a 30-day free return policy! Test the booths out for 30 days, and if you don't feel like it's for you, let us know. We'll issue you a full refund, disassemble your booths and cover shipping back to a Zenbooth facility.

Please see our terms & conditions for our full return policy.

What materials are used in your office phone booths?

We use a combination of locally sourced, premium engineered wood panels in the construction of the booths. High-grade anodized aluminum manufactured in California is used for the door and door handle.

What type of electrical requirements are needed to power a Zenbooth?

The booths only need a standard 110v three-prong power outlet to be plugged into after they’ve been assembled. When the booth is unoccupied, it does not draw any electricity. Once the occupancy sensor is triggered, the booth draws approximately .1 amps (less than a 60W lightbulb) to power the ventilation system. The electricity draw increases as devices are plugged into the booth’s outlets. The length of the power cord is 15 feet.

What electrical options are available inside the booth when plugged in?

All of our booths come standard with at least one UL-listed power & data unit that are equipped with three fast-charging USB outlets, two 15A 110v three-prong electrical outlets, and an open port for data or telephone cables. The power & data units also contain the occupancy sensor that controls the ventilation in the booths. The Zenbooth Duo & Quad both come with two power & data units.

Do your phone booths have a ventilation system?

Every Zenbooth model comes standard with a powerful yet quiet ventilation system that is triggered when somebody occupies the booth. A fan circulates a booth’s worth of fresh air every minute to keep you cool and smelling fresh while you work.

There are no air filters in the ventilation system to replace. However, you can wipe the blades of the ventilation fan with a soft cloth if necessary for cleaning. Be sure to unplug the booth before performing any maintenance.

Do the booths come with lighting?

The Zenbooth Solo & Duo both come with an integrated lighting solution, as well as a full skylight ceiling. The Zenbooth Quad is intentionally designed with a full plexiglass skylight ceiling to allow natural light from your office environment to enter the booth.

Do the booths come with furniture?

The booths do not currently come standard with any furniture. The Zenbooth Solo is designed with a work surface that's fixed to the interior of the booths. The fixed desk height is approximately 40” off the floor and would use a barstool height seat if needed. The Quad does not include a work surface or any furniture.

The Zenbooth Solo & Duo also support an adjustable desk upgrade which allows the work surface to be raised and lowered to accommodate different working heights. The range of the adjustable desk is from 29" to 55" off the floor.

We have designed our Zenbooths without furniture so that you can make use of the booths’ flexible interiors as you see fit. This allows you to choose furniture that goes best with your office’s own design aesthetic. If you’re having a hard time finding the right furniture, we can recommend these stools that we use at our office, go well with our booths, and come in a variety of colors.

Can you customize the booths?

At the moment, you can choose between White & Maple for the exterior color of the booths.  

For any other customization projects (vinyl wrapping, custom designs/logos, frosted glass, etc.), we recommend consulting with a third party based on the scope of the work you’re looking to have done.

How does the door seal?

We use spring hinges to make sure our doors close on their own and magnets in the door frame to ensure that the doors stay closed with a tight seal to maximize the sound dampening effect of our booths.

Are your booths eco-friendly?

Yes, our booths are eco-friendly! The wood panels used in the construction of our booths is made from recycled wood materials, and the insulation in our 3.5” wall acoustic technology is made of sustainable recycled material. Also, for every Zenbooth sold, we plant one tree in our home state of California through our partner, One Tree Planted. To date, we’ve planted thousands of trees.

Are the booths easily movable?

Yes! The Zenbooth Solo can easily be moved on carpet or with furniture slider pads with one person. The Zenbooth Duo can be moved with 2 people. The Zenbooth Quad takes about 4 people to move around.

Can you easily disassemble the booths?

Yes! They are designed for easy assembly and disassembly.

Do Zenbooths come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a three year warranty on all Zenbooths. You can read more about our warranty in our terms & conditions.

Is there a way to pay by invoice?

Yes, there is! Choose the "Pay by Invoice" option at checkout, and we'll send you a copy of your invoice, along with instructions for how to pay for the invoice by check or wire transfer.

Do you have a financing option for payment?

Yes, we offer a financing option through Klarna that allows you to break up your purchase into monthly payments. At checkout, select the option Pay over time with Klarna”. From there, you’ll go through a short approval process. Once you’ve accepted Klarna’s terms and been approved, the order amount will be added to your monthly statement. You’ll receive an email notification of your purchase from Klarna, and you can manage your account and make payments through Klarna.com.

What do you charge for shipping?

Zenbooth Solo: Add to cart to calculate

Zenbooth Duo: Add to cart to calculate

Zenbooth Quad: Add to cart to calculate

Canadian Orders: $995 fee plus calculated shipping price based on location.

What is shipping lead time?

Zenbooth Solo: Standard shipping = 60 days; Rush shipping = 10 days

Zenbooth Duo: Standard Shipping = 60 days; Rush Shipping = 10 days

Zenbooth Quad: Standard Shipping = 60 days; Rush shipping = 10 days

Once I place my order, what happens?

Once you’ve placed your order on our store, your booths will enter our manufacturing queue. A member of our team will then contact you with a tentative shipping date, based on the manufacturing speed that you selected for your booths while checking out. They will periodically provide you with updates during the fulfillment process, and will be able to assist you with questions/concerns on the delivery date.

If you want to request a delivery within a certain window or have any special requests, please let us know in the survey that will be sent after your order.

How do the booths ship?

All booth models ship flat-packed on pallets from our factory in Berkeley, California. Packaged pallets are 48” x 48” x 93” and a pallet can fit 2 Solos, 1 Duo or half a Quad. Standard delivery includes inside delivery where our delivery partners will take the components to the install location and remove the pallet.

If you're assembling yourself

If you're purchasing Zenbooth Assembly

Our booths are easy to assemble. But we know that you're busy doing your best work and might not have time to do it yourself. With Zenbooth Assembly, you can have Zenbooth install your booths for you.

What to expect

    • A member of the Zenbooth team will reach out to you to schedule your install after you've purchased.
    • Installs will happen based on Zenbooth's availability, or 1-2 business days after delivery.
    • Our installers carry insurance that covers them in any commercial space in the United States.
    • There may be a fee for time-sensitive or after hours installs, and for additional work outside the scope.
    • Installers are not required to move or reposition the booth more than a few feet, so choose the location of your booths carefully!

What's included?

  • Expert assembly of your Zenbooths
  • 2 person (minimum) certified install crew
  • Removal of packaging materials to customer's bin and/or off-site

How to purchase Zenbooth Assembly for your booths

Once you've selected the quantity of booths you'd like to purchase on the product page and have clicked "Add to Cart", you will have the option of adding Zenbooth Assembly to your order. This will automatically add the relevant number of Zenbooth Assemblies needed, based on the quantity of booths in your cart.

If you have been quoted Zenbooth Assembly services, please note that our services may not be available in all buildings. Please check with your local facilities coordinator in order to verify if union or other labor requirements are mandatory. Requested Assembly Services outside the continental US will require a custom quotation. Please contact Sales for more information.


If you or your installers have any concerns throughout the install process of your office pod please email [email protected] or call (510) 646-8368 to be connected to rapid support.

Compliance is important to many of our customers, and we design and support our product with that in mind. We can’t make any guarantees about compliance, but the information on this page will help you assess your compliance risks in installing a Zenbooth, or similar product.

This is for general guidance only; if you want further advice on the risks please speak to a expediter (permit expert) or a licensed general contractor. Zenbooth does not make any warranty or guarantee for compliance in any jurisdiction, as codes and inspectors vary, but we will do our best to help you!


Aspects of the Zenbooth have been intentionally designed with American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in mind.

  1. 404.2.5 of the ADA required unmodified door thresholds to be a maximum of 1/2". Our door thresholds are exactly 1/2".
  2. 404.2.3 of the ADA requires doors to have an opening of at least 32". Zenbooths have a 36" wide door frame, and therefore meet this requirement.
  3. The booths can be easily moved without re-leveling to meet any accessibility requirements for walkways.
  4. The Quad Zenbooth has a 7ft turning circle
  5. Optional 10" kickplate on the door can be added by request for a $200 additional charge.

Fire Code

The booths should not be installed in a way that impedes visual or audio alarms in the event of an emergency. While the booths do reduce sound significantly, they have been designed so that alarms are both audible and visible through the ceiling and door.

Booths should not be installed within 18” of a sprinkler head. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require that shelves and stacked materials not exceed the height of 18 inches below sprinkler heads [29CFR1910.37(a)(4); 29CFR1910.159(c)(10); NFPA 101, §, §9.71.4, and §9.7.5; NFPA 13, §8.6.6; NFPA 25, §2-2.1.2].

Sprinklers need to be installed in obstructions that exceed fixed 4' wide obstructions, per NFPA 13, § The Zenbooth Solo is intentionally designed to be less than 4' x 4' wide so that it does not trigger this requirement. Further, fire marshals in some jurisdictions may not consider the booth a fixed obstruction, rather movable furniture. The Zenbooth Duo is larger than 4' wide. If a sprinkler is required by a local authority, the booth can be easily modified. We also have a Zenbooth fire suppression option you can check out.

Our customers would typically only purchase this option if required by their building or local authorities. This will vary depending on the building and city. This option can be purchased after your initial purchase & installation if you later find out it's required by local inspectors.

Where a flammability rating applies, all surfaces and materials are rated class C or above.

Zenbooths are an important piece of the office and may be one of your workplace’s most used areas. As with the other areas of your office, it is important to clean your booths so that you can still make full use of them. Therefore, we’d like to provide you with some tips for cleaning your Zenbooths.
General tips
  • All surfaces of the booth can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth and soapy water. Avoid letting any water drip onto the floor of the booth, and use another cloth to blot dry as necessary.
  • Prioritize and schedule cleaning based on the frequency of use, like you would with any other surface in the office.
  • When wiping down surfaces, wipe down using the “one-way” method; using circular or back-and-forth motions can just redirect germs & bacteria, as opposed to removing it from a surface.
  • The booths will typically circulate fresh cycles of air for about 10 minutes after use. If the cleaning product you are using produces fumes, prop the door open for 60 minutes to ensure that it has a chance to dissipate after cleaning.
  • For more specific cleaning instructions for each surface, see below.
Hard surfaces
The surfaces of Zenbooths that are frequently touched and used are:
  • The door handle
  • The desk surface and adjustable desk controller
  • The light switch
These surfaces should be cleaned frequently with standard household/office cleaning products for hard surfaces (see the CDC’s recommendations). The other hard surfaces of your booth are typically touched less frequently but can also be cleaned using these products.
Soft surfaces
Zenbooths shipped in 2020 have a soft acoustic felt that is made of polyester fibers that are typically touched less frequently than the surfaces above. They can be cleaned by a damp cloth with soap and water (ensure that water does not drop onto the floor of the booth) or by using cleaning product suitable for fabric or upholstery like a mild detergent. DO NOT use bleach or alcohol based products (including Clorox wipes) as these may discolor the panels.
If you have any questions about cleaning your booths, or would like recommendations for cleaning services, please email [email protected].

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