Fire Suppression Option


About the fire suppression option

Zenbooth's fire suppression option is a self-contained sprinkler unit that can detect fire & smoke within Zenbooth's products and deploy a fire suppression material in response.

The fire suppression option can also be set up so that it will trigger your building's fire alarm system if it gets set off.

About fire code

According to the NFPA 13, §, sprinklers only need to be installed in obstructions that exceed fixed 4' wide obstructions. The Zenbooth Solo is intentionally designed to be less than 4' x 4' wide so that it does not trigger this requirement.

The Zenbooth Quad & Zenbooth Duo are larger than 4' wide. If a sprinkler is required by a local authority, the booth can be easily modified to include a fire suppression option.

Our customers would typically only purchase this option if required by their building or local authorities. This will vary depending on the building and city. This option can be purchased after your initial purchase & installation if you later find out it's required by local inspectors.


We will provide installation instructions for how to install the fire suppression option on your booths, but we recommend consulting with a general contractor to install your fire suppression option if you're doing it yourself.

The installation instructions will not include how to integrate the fire suppression option into your building's main fire alarm system, and we recommend you consult with a general contractor or electrician if this is something you're trying to accomplish.