Find your quiet place.

Find your quiet place.

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Zenbooth Solo

1 person phone booth

A free-standing office privacy booth intended for individuals to make private phone calls or get important work done in silence without wasting conference room space.

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Zenbooth Duo

2-person meeting booth or micro-office

The perfect place to conduct one-on-one meetings, interviews & private conversations, or to simply stretch out and find some more space to focus on individual projects. The best value collaborative space around.

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Zenbooth Quad

4+ person meeting room or private office

Our largest model is a practical solution for small groups looking to do collaborative work without having to worry about finding conference room space or wasting money on permanent build-outs.

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Self-watering live plants mounted to your wall or Zenbooth to add some simple beauty and nature to your space ๐ŸŒฟ

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