Our Story🌱

Our Story🌱

Zenbooth started with a vision to create peace and privacy while creating a positive impact with our community, nature, and the human experience. This is why we're passionate about providing a space for privacy and collaboration, whether that's in our booths or in the world.

Enter Zenbooth

A sustainable, sound-dampening office privacy booth.
Zenbooths have a handcraft, natural aesthetic that compliments any office. Our wood paneling and natural light make our booths feel less like stepping into a spaceship and more like finding solace in the open office.

Made in USA🇺🇸

We design and manufacture our products all in Berkeley, California utilizing a local and sustainable supply chain. This allows us to ship direct from our factory, saving you time and money.

Innovation & Intentional Design

We carefully listen to our customers' needs and use Zenbooths in our own office. Our in-house design team is constantly creating and improving our product based on feedback.

Pride in Our Craft

We make sustainability and quality our priority. Each product is made with eco-friendly materials and all are delivered with a hand-finished touch.

Customer Success🎉

We care about our customer's experience from beginning to end -
Happy customers make us happy.

We believe success is educating our customers and, as a team, making informed decisions for every project. Zenbooth also has industry-leading delivery speeds, a three-year warranty, and provides support and service throughout the contingent US.

One Tree Planted 🌳

One Tree Planted 🌳

Zenbooth is honored to support reforestation in partnership with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and replenishing the resourses we use.
We plant a tree with every order.

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Ready to Connect?

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