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Who We Serve

Zenbooth is proud to support a variety of groups and industries to create private, collaborative, and peaceful environments.

Open Offices

Zenbooth empowers your team to collaborate and connect in a quiet and private space among open office areas.

Audio Recording

Our design and engineering teams have optimized the acoustic performance to dampen sound from entering and exiting the booth.

Co-Working Spaces

Zenbooth offers a showroom program for co-working spaces to create quiet and private areas for members.

Educational Groups

The common-sense solution to create privacy, focus, and peaceful environments for schools and universities.

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Our booths provide a private and quiet space to take a quick call, especially in libraries, to maintain a calm and productive environment.

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Zenbooth makes it easy to create private spaces anywhere without going through lengthy (and costly) approvals. These multi-functional spaces create privacy wherever it's needed.

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Wellness Rooms

Zenbooth creates private and peaceful spaces to reconnect with yourself.

Lactation Pods & Nursing Mothers Rooms

In partnership with lactation experts at Nessel, we've designed booths to elevate the pumping and private nursing experience for those breastfeeding.

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Mental Health Services

Our booths are easily customizable to bring clients comfort and quiet for individualized services.

Call Centers

Create quiet spaces for your team to deliver their best customer service.


Empower your providers with quiet and private spaces so they can deliver their best care.

Government Facilities

From single-person booths to meeting rooms, Zenbooth provides quiet and private space for calls and meetings.

Privacy Project Consultation

Interested in using privacy pods for your space, but not quite sure where to start? We’re here to help! 🦸

Our Customer Success Team will discuss your goals and find the best solutions to meet your teams’ needs.

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Visit Our Factory Showroom

Are you in the San Francisco / Bay Area? Come visit us in person and experience the booths at our Factory Showroom in Berkeley, CA!

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