Our Environmental Impact 🌱

Our Environmental Impact 🌱

Zenbooth's dedication to environmental sustainability is built into all aspects of our business: from how we source materials and design products, to our low-waste initiatives and striving for a carbon-neutral footprint.


Most of the booth is made out of sustainable materials.
Check out how the Zenbooth Solo breaks down materials by weight:

πŸͺ΅ Why Wooden Booths? πŸͺ΅

Renewable Resource 🌳

As an amazingly renewable resource, natural wood is the primary material we use in our booths, where other privacy booths are typically made of non-renewable metal or fiberglass. The majority of our industrial particle board is made of recycled material.

Natural Inside & Out 🌿

We believe wood connects us with the natural world. By using natural materials in our booths, we've designed them to feel as calming and peaceful as a walk through the forest (even in the most chaotic settings).

Endless Customization 🎨

Zenbooths are built to be versatile! We keep things simple to avoid unnecessary plastics and harmful chemicals. With our minimalist design, you can tap into your creative side with mountable and writable surfaces.

One Tree Planted 🌳

One Tree Planted 🌳

Zenbooth is honored to support reforestation in partnership with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and replenishing the resourses we use.
We plant a tree with every order.

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πŸͺ΅ Low-Waste Design

We reduce our waste by opting out of unnecessary processing and corner cutting (literally, square corners = less waste), allowing the booths to retain their natural shape. We repurpose off-cut wood into shipping pallets for the booths and donate leftovers to local community-building initiatives.

πŸ’‘ Low Power Usage

Every Zenbooth comes standard with integrated motion-sensor lighting and ventilation that automatically shut off after you leave the booth. Every model also comes with adjustable lighting and a skylight so you can choose your desired lighting throughout the day.Β Β 

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA Sourced & Manufactured

Where our materials come from is just as important as the parts themselves. The majority of our booth components including the wood, doors, glass, and desks are sourced from US suppliers and built in our factory in Berkeley, CA. Using American suppliers helps reduce COΒ² emissions and use fewer energy resources.

Certified Clean Air Gold Office Booth

Clean Air GOLD Certification

We care about creating a clean environment inside the workplace as well as the planet. Through Intertek’s certification process, our entire suite of office booths have been tested for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have acheived the gold standard for safety and low-emitting products.Β 

We are proud to have received this distinction for our entire suite of products - an achievement few have obtained!

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Beyond the Booth ✨

At Zenbooth, we are always looking for ways to positively shift the impact of the space we hold and the products we create. We believe in giving more and taking less, fueling individual or group passions, and practicing mindfulness within our team and through the messages we send forward.

We strive and continue to bring awareness into the everyday through collaboration, transparency, play, compassion, and empowerment.

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