Designed with you and your office in mind.

"The booths have become part of how we do business."

"I have some people who will literally spend all day in them. We essentially created mini conference rooms by buying the booths, saving us a ton of time, money, and effort, and best of all: everyone absolutely loves them, and we can move them or take them with us wherever we go."

– Ben, Director of Operations at Addepar

"The booths are great, everyone here loves them and it's really helped open up our conference rooms for larger meetings. Overall, everything is great and if we end up needing more private booths like this, I will absolutely re-order from Zenbooth."

– Will, Operations Manager at Gizmodo

Private Conversations

Thick 3.5" acoustic walls that keep your conversations private

Bright & Spacious

Only booth on the market with a full skylight ceiling

Superb Ventilation

Breezy air flow design controlled by occupancy sensor

Made in California

In-house manufacturing & design team in Berkeley, California, USA


Locally sourced and recycled materials, One Tree Planted for every booth sold

Fast Shipping & Service

Rush shipping in 5 to 10 days, 3 year limited warranty

Showrooms across America

We'd love for you to see a Zenbooth in person. Visit one of our showrooms located across America to see the booths yourself.

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"Positive feedback across the board" - New York Times

"The one-person booth is a soundproof, eco-friendly, American-made box that’s about 36 inches wide and 34 inches deep, with an insulated glass door, a ventilation fan, power outlets and a skylight..."

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"A Berkeley manufacturer of phone booths swims against the tide"

-  Lorin Eleni Gil, Berkleyside

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