Zenbooth for Libraries 📚

Sustainable solutions for libraries to create peaceful environments for privacy, learning, focus, and collaboration.

Zenbooth is proud to support public libraries and community services by offering a 5% Community Support discount. 🫶

We believe that by supporting our community in creating private spaces to learn and grow, we can build a stronger world for a better tomorrow together. 🌎

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Why Libraries Choose Zenbooth

ADA Compliance & Accessibility

We care about making Zenbooths accessible to everyone, so all of our booths are designed with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in mind.

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The Most Affordable Privacy Solution

Zenbooths make it easy to create private spaces anywhere without repurposing siderooms or going through lengthy (and costly) construction approvals. These multi-functional spaces create peace and privacy wherever it's needed.

Certified Clean Air Gold Office Booth

Intertek Certified Clean Air GOLD

All Zenbooth models have earned an Intertek Clean Air GOLD certification, the highest distinction in Intertek’s Clean Air program.

By choosing products with an Intertek Clean Air GOLD certification for your school, you’re choosing to improve the air quality, safety, and health of the indoor environment for your students and staff.

three sizes to fit your library's needs

Zenbooth Solo

1-person booth
starting at $4,890.00

The Zenbooth Solo is our most popular model and can be used as a phone booth, video call station, or quiet focus area your students need.

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Zenbooth Duo

2-person booth
starting at $8,890.00

The Zenbooth Duo is a freestanding meeting space for one-on-ones, counseling sessions, and private conversations.

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Zenbooth Quad

4+ person booth
starting at $14,890.00

The Zenbooth Quad is our most spacious and flexible model, perfect as a study room, private office, wellness area, or quiet space for meetings.

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Privacy Project Consultation

Interested in using privacy pods for your library, but not quite sure where to start? We’re here to help! 🦸

Our Customer Success Team will discuss your goals and find the best solutions to meet your needs.

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We're excited to work with you

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