Zenbooth Adjustable Desk - Retrofit Option


The Zenbooth adjustable desk option is the first electric adjustable desk option in the phone booth market, and is designed specifically to blend in with the aesthetic of your existing Zenbooths. 

The adjustable desk's settings range from 28" to 54" from the ground, a 26" range.  It's easy to use, painless to install, and covered by a 3-year warranty.

Adjust Heights Easily

  • Change from sitting to standing, and anywhere in between, with the push of a button
  • Enjoy a 26" range of settings to suit everyone's needs
  • Zero effort involved in adjusting settings

Get Work Done in Comfort

  • Improve ergonomics by adjusting the desk to your needs
  • Added comfort allows you to get your best work in
  • Spend less time trying to get comfortable and more time getting work done

Include Everyone

  • No more competition for conference rooms or phone booths when you really need them
  • Allow everyone in the office to increase their happiness and productivity by working in a phone booth
  • Get your money's worth by allowing more people to use the booths

This unit is mounted by attaching it to an interior panel.  We recommend you have this done by an experienced handyperson or installer.