How Office Phone Booths Solve Open Office Noise Issues

Do you work in an open office environment? If so, you probably know how difficult it can be to get work done in the wake up excessive noise. 

Sadly, noise isn’t just a nuisance; it’s a cause of increased employee sick time, stress, and lost work hours. But there is a solution: office phone booths. Below we describe the real detriments of open office layouts and how office phone booths like Zenbooth can be the remedy your offices'  auditory issues.

Sources of Noise in Open Offices

While there are many negatives associated with the once trendy open office workspace, like lack of privacy, visual distractions, and olfactory intrusions, nothing is more disturbing to workers than noise. In many open offices, people don’t even realize how distracting noise is because they have been living with it for so long.

There are multiple sources of noise in any open office environment. Of course, a natural cause of noise is people talking, whether it’s about work-related matters or personal topics. Overheard work conversation is irritating enough, but sharing weekend exploits, joking, and laughing take talk noise to a new level of aggravation for workers who need quiet to do their jobs.

Other sources of noise in the workplace include:

  • Ringing telephones and noise from office equipment, like copiers and printers
  • Typing and computer sounds
  • Video, radio, and music
  • Doors closing and elevators pinging
  • Cooking and coffee making sounds
  • Cubicle noise, like shutting file cabinets and rolling office chairs

Consequences of Noise in the Work Environment

On their own, none of these noises are usually too horrible, but when added together, the decibel level can go up significantly. That sounds innocuous but ambient noise is actually a serious cause of lost work time for businesses with open offices.

Did you know it can take an employee more than 20 minutes to refind their focus after losing concentration due to noise? If an employee is interrupted multiple times per day, that can add up to hours of unproductive time, which in turn affects your company’s bottom line.

Lost work time isn’t the only disadvantage of a noisy office milieu. More than 50 percent of workers surveyed in multiple studies say they need more quiet time and find the workplace too distracting. This translates to 62 percent more sick days for employees in open office environments due to stress, which can be reflected in higher insurance payouts and premiums. 

Additionally, noisy, anxiety-producing workplaces have a hard time recruiting new employees, and retention of good workers can be difficult as they may exit for more tranquil, conventional workplaces.

Office noise makes it challenging to speak professionally on the phone with clients and colleagues outside the office. Meetings in the office can be chaotic too, with constant interruptions and loss of privacy. Participants are affected, as well as those around them who aren’t even part of the meeting but who may overhear its conversation.

An Easy Solution for Open Office Noise

There are few satisfactory solutions when it comes to solving the noise issue in open offices. New construction is costly, invasive, and may not be permitted if you rent your office. Moving is equally expensive and disruptive.

A perfect compromise is using office phone booths, which are like modern telephone booths in different sizes. These screen out noise and provide distraction-free zones for employees. These booths are ideal for:

  • Making calls to clients or business associates where quiet is needed
  • Employees performing high-focus tasks
  • Confidential meetings with managers, like performance reviews
  • Meetings with clients and contractors
  • Small group consultations, such as team projects
  • Training for new employees
  • Visiting auditors and other VIPs
  • Employees who need privacy to phone a doctor or babysitter

Zenbooth makes office phone booths in three sizes to accommodate any open office need for quiet, privacy, and minimal distraction. 

The Comfort Booth is just right for one employee who needs to work in peace or make phone calls without being disturbed and disturbing others. It comes with an attached work surface, which can be fixed or ordered as an adjustable table to work for both standing and sitting employees.

The Executive XL booth from Zenbooth is designed for two people. This booth is a popular choice for offices where two workers need to meet in private, whether for management meetings or paired projects. Like the Comfort Booth, it comes with a work surface that can be made height adjustable.

If you need an even larger space for quiet work or uninterrupted meetings, Zenbooth’s Executive Room is a great solution. Made to fit four people at once, this room will let you get work done with ease. Use it as a conference room with a sign-up sheet or turn it into a small office, as needed.

All three of Zenbooth’s office phone booths come with the same amenities:

  • Interior ventilation
  • Interior lighting, plus ceiling windows for a bright atmosphere
  • Electrical outlets and charging ports for laptops and electronic devices
  • Landline telephone outlets
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Eco-friendly, natural wood exterior
  • A minimal barrier at the base of the door for easy entry by all

Zenbooth ships directly to your office and can be assembled in less than a day, often in just a few hours, by you or a team of handymen. As long as you have the floor space, a little bit of extra room for the door swing, and a nearby 110V three-prong outlet, you can put a Zenbooth anywhere in the office it’s needed. 

Some buyers enjoy a row of Comfort Booths, while others like to mix and match for a variety of uses. If you ever move your office, your Zenbooth can travel with you, unlike permanent office renovations.

If you think an office phone booth might be the right solution for your noisy office, get in touch with Zenbooth today. We’ll help you find the perfect configuration for your business’s needs so you can maximize your work time and keep employees happy and productive

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