Luxury Privacy Pods and Office Phone Booths by Zenbooth

You don’t always need training and motivational programs to boost your employees’ morale and work productivity. 

According to a study conducted on employee output, 58% of Americans say they need quiet and private working conditions to improve their performance. 

For those working in an open office space, Zenbooth is an incredibly efficient and effective way to heighten your work environment for everyone involved.

Open office layouts can have major shortcomings that affect efficiency, such as noise, harsh lighting, over-the-shoulder lurking, and other disruptions from coworkers. 

A closed-plan office layout, on the other hand, aids in sorting our hierarchies, establishing personal space, and keeping a workspace organized.

Zenbooth is here to help create this new layout, without adding an impersonal or harsh aesthetic, or needing to expand the actual square footage of your office space.

At Zenbooth, we provide a variety of luxury pod and office phone booth models that are perfect for your employees. With our products you can give them a private, confidential workspace.

Luxury Comfort Booths

Free-standing luxury Comfort Booths are designed for employees that need to get important work done, conduct private phone calls or just relax.

Our comfort booths are silent, peaceful, and spacious enough for one or two people to work collaboratively. Their outstanding features are unmatched.  

These booths are 30 inches wide with cable routing. To ensure conversations stay private, Comfort Booths are installed with denim sound insulation and a 3.5-inch thick wall during construction.

The booths have a low-rise door threshold for accessibility and a self-closing aluminum door with a tempered magnetic latching system.

Other features include twin high-powered ventilation fans to circulate clean and cool air at work, as well as a shatterproof, plexiglass ceiling for natural light. 

Workers will be saved from the stress and frustration of outside disruptions thanks to the booth's perforated echo-absorbing aluminum panels. 

Each booth is designed with a maple interior and maple exterior color finishing, further distinguishing Comfort Booths from standard closed office space setups. They also come in white.

Additionally, the interior is home to two fast-charging USB outlets, three electrical outlets, and a grommet for telephone cables and data transfer.

Comfort Booths can be incorporated into almost every open office layout plan, especially the co-working office and Team Cluster offices. 

The co-working style office design does not offer much in terms of personal space or serenity, given that the offices are designed to host workers of different businesses and start-ups.

The rental desks and floor plans of these layouts do anything but promote efficiency. We're happy to offer a 30-day return policy, a 3-year warranty, and free shipping for orders within California. 

Executive Booth XL

Our luxurious Executive Booth XL serves as the perfect space to focus on personal projects, perform performance reviews, and conduct employee interviews. The personal space provided by the Executive Booth XL makes every employee feel like an executive. 

Our Executive Booths standout dramatically in comparison to the booths commonly used in different workspaces. Their features, versatility, and functionality surpass the industry standard with ease. 

Their 31-inch wide workspace and cable routing allow for 15% more interior space, and their high-quality build includes 3.5 inch thick walls made of recycled cotton and a denim sound latching system. 

Executive Booths were designed with accessibility in mind, with features such as a low door threshold, a twin high-powered ventilation fans for a clean and purified airflow, and perforated aluminum panels to absorb echo and maintain confidentiality. 

With two power and data units, workers can charge up to four gadgets using USB outlets, connect to six electrical outlets, and use two grommets for data and telephone cables. 

These booths are 900lbs with exterior dimensions of 84.5H×84W×46D. Users can select either a stationary or adjustable desk to accommodate their individual needs. 

With our Executive Booths, we offer a 3-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. Enjoy free shipping for all Executive Booth orders.

The Convenience of Luxury Booths

For many businesses, especially those in leased office spaces, it’s nearly impossible to make architectural changes that don't require more square footage. 

This can be a serious problem as your business grows, and the need to develop a convenient office plan becomes crucial. That's why business owners continue to choose Executive Booths, which allow them to create extra meeting space without having to relocate or undergo construction. 

Executive Booths are ideal for collaboration with employees and clients, as well as conducting personal research and focusing on individual projects. 

With 30% of Americans admitting that noise and distractions from an open office affect their overall performance, Executive Booths are the perfect solution to creating a quiet work area. 

Integration of Executive Booths In Different Office Layouts

Working in an open office space can be challenging. With the proliferation of modern start-ups, this layout has become incredibly common, even though working in an open area without partitions has been shown to affect worker performance and satisfaction.

Though the open space with clustered desks may be beneficial in sharing ideas and information, workers need some degree of personal space, as well as a private area where they can efficiently discuss work-related matters.

Our Executive Booths are best suited to cater to the needs associated with these office styles.

Executive Room: Conduct Meetings With Confidence

Conference and meeting rooms can be hard to secure, and for most organizations, building a conference room is out of the question due to construction costs. 

At Zenbooth we sought to accommodate that problem. That’s why our Executive Rooms provide the perfect space for small teams of like-minded people to collaborate on different projects.

Executive Rooms offer cost-effective spaces for team discussions, conference meetings, and client visits. These rooms are designed with multiple features to make conferencing as efficient and productive as possible. 

They function as a huge space for collaborative teamwork of up to six members, are built with thick acoustic walls with cotton insulation to ensure privacy, and no matter how loud a meeting is, every sound wave is absorbed by the perforated aluminum panels.

Employees will never feel claustrophobic in our booths, in part due to the natural lighting coming in from the shatterproof plexiglass ceiling. 

Of course, with up to six people in one room, air circulation is crucial to avoiding hot flashes, sweating, and the spread of communicable diseases. That's why our booths are designed with a reliable twin high-powered air ventilation system to keep the air cool and fresh.

Executive Rooms have a 90 × 93 × 93 exterior and 84 × 84 × 84 (h,w,d) interior. They're not sold together with a table or desk, though they do come with a three-year warranty.

Customized Luxury Benefits

Our pods and booths are designed with privacy, concentration, and comfort as the top priorities. The echo absorption and noise cancellation system ensures they meet your standards every time. 

Each Zenbooth is equipped with all the quick-access items you'll need, such as sockets, USB outlets, and data ports. 

Order Luxury Today & Get Fast, Reliable Delivery

At Zenbooth, we deliver our products in as quickly as five days after you place your order. They're simple to assemble and can be moved with ease, empowering you in to regain control over your workspace.

Are you interested in updating your office to include Zenbooth's high-quality, innovative pods and booths? Reach out today to place an order, or to have us help you with any questions you may have. 

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