Showroom Agreement

If approved to become a showroom for Zenbooth, Zenbooth will:

  • Deliver products to you at a discounted price and send a range of customers to your business.
  • Send prospects to look at product in your offices.
  • Provide priority support to your office/showroom for any issues.


The company receiving the booth ("the showroom") will: 

  • Install the booth at an agreed location in your building and not move it unless otherwise agreed.
  • Welcome anyone who visits to see the booths within business hours.
  • Make promotional material available to anyone who has been invited to see the booth.
  • Not obscure any Zenbooth branding on the booth.
  • Allow Zenbooth to take photos & videos of the booth in your office if requested.
  • Actively maintain and review your showroom bookings availability calendar.
    • Make the products available when the customer has booked a time.


The showroom will:

  • Participate in sales training when we visit and ensure ongoing training of any relevant staff who are interacting with our customers.
  • Follow any sales or marketing policies that are presented to you, such as ways of comparing to competitors or minimum advertised pricing guidelines.
  • Prospects can buy either from Zenbooth or from your company.  If a prospect referred by Zenbooth asks, you should neutrally explain the benefits of buying from you (value add, service, etc.).


The showroom will:

  • Notify Zenbooth of any functional or aesthetic problems with the booths.
  • Notify your staff about the installation of the booth when it is installed.
  • Send a product feedback survey to your staff no more than once per quarter, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Share information about showroom visits upon request.


  • The showroom will own the booth, and agree to the terms of sale.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement at 30 days notice.  In the case of termination, Zenbooth will have the option to repurchase the products at the price we sold it to you, less a 20% refurbishment fee.  Payment will be made after the product is returned in good condition.
  • The showroom will be responsible for the costs to return it to our facility in Berkeley, California unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Zenbooth will typically only terminate this agreement if it is breached but either party can terminate for any reason.

Thanks for working with us!