3 Ways Schools are Using Privacy Booths

School's out for summer! ☀️ That means school administrators are already gearing up for the school year, and meeting the needs of students can be a daunting task with many unique challenges. 

Zenbooth has become the common-sense choice for schools because of our unique focus on ADA compliance and accessibility features, affordability, ease of installation, and the natural aesthetic that seamlessly fits anywhere. 

We’re excited (not to mention impressed) to see how schools and universities around the nation are taking advantage of Zenbooths in really wonderful ways. 🤩 Here are three use cases that every school should know:

1. Mental Health Services

Mental health is becoming more and more of a priority for schools, and finding solutions for students is more important than ever. Thankfully educators are stepping up to the challenge, and Zenbooths are the perfect fit for their needs. 🤝

Mary from Perry Elementary School in Lima, Ohio says:

“We are using our Zenbooths to extend our mental health services in our school district. We use one of the booths for our new school social worker (who is employed by the school district) and the other booth is used for outside mental health service providers to meet with their ‘clients’ (aka, students who see therapists from outside agencies who then bill families' insurance for services). It's honestly a great system.

As the awareness of students' mental health needs increases, so does the need for responsive services. The Zenbooths have allowed our district to increase our support for students and their families.”

2. Private Offices

meeting in the quad

We all know the importance of being able to close the door and have real privacy for important focus work and sensitive conversations, but unfortunately that’s easier said than done. Even with limited space and budget, the Zenbooth Quad offers a great pop-up office solution for educators and administrative staff. 

With an interior space of 7’ by 7’ and a full skylight roof to make the space feel bright and airy, the Quad makes it easy to create a private office anywhere without repurposing classrooms or going through lengthy (and costly) construction approvals. These multi-functional spaces create space and privacy wherever it’s needed. 🤸‍♀️

3. Student Focus & Meeting Rooms

Group projects, meetings in the library, study groups, video conferencing, and more – it seems like there’s just never enough space for students to have focused, productive meetings. 

With three different sizes, Zenbooths offer a variety of options for students to let their creativity flow without distraction (and without disturbing those around them 😉)

This is why Ryan from BayTech Charter School in Oakland, California highlights Zenbooth not only for its use as a private office but also as a meeting room for students:

“We are making them [Zenbooths] as offices, small meeting rooms for staff members and students, and we also use them with our special education program where a counselor and student can come together to meet, or the speech and language pathologist can meet their student and have privacy to work on their goals.”

Education is a constantly growing field, and as the needs of students continue to expand, we’re excited to be a small part of creating solutions that allow students and educators to thrive and achieve their goals. 💫

Interested in using privacy pods for your school or library, but not quite sure where to start? We’re here to help! Schedule a free consultation with our Customer Success Team today to discuss your goals, plan your layout, and find the best setup to meet your students’ needs. 

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