Office Phone Booth Health Benefits - From the Mental to the Physical

As staff become increasingly conscious of their job's health effects, employers are looking for a variety of solutions to boost their workers’ well-being. 

An article in Forbes magazine suggested that businesses who have an employee wellness program are more likely to be rewarded by employees recommending their company as a good place to work.

It also quoted research in which 61 percent of employees agreed that their company’s wellness program inspired them to make healthy changes to their lifestyles. The result was that productivity at work went up, as well as job satisfaction.

And something as simple as installing an office phone booth in your floor plan can help you find the healthy balance you need. These products offer many health benefits — from the mental to the physical — which are worth looking into. 

What Is an Office Phone Booth?

Office phone booths are a free-standing pod that can be used in any area of your workplace to provide privacy.

If you go with a provider like Zenbooth, these products are soundproofed to ensure that conversations can’t be heard beyond the booth itself, and may be equipped with an electric, height adjustable desk to make daily tasks more convenient.

At a time when 70 percent of office spaces in the US are open-plan, you can easily see the potential benefits of providing a secluded workspace in a bustling and sometimes distracting environment. (Read their latest open floor plan article "Why can't I concentrate in an open office?" here.)

The Health Benefits of Office Phone Booths

Office phone booths can help alleviate many of the stresses of working in noisy offices and promote a healthier working environment. Here's how:

For Tension Relief

Working in a noise polluted office can cause real and measurable effects on your body. 

When you’re stressed, you release hormones such as adrenaline, which causes your blood pressure to increase, and cortisol, which prepares your body for a fight-or-flight response. 

These stress hormones alter your body’s natural balance, and if you are exposed to them too frequently, you could end up with long-term issues such as digestive problems, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Employers recognize that a quiet space is essential to keep stress levels low and productivity high. In fact, CNBC reported on a survey that found 58 percent of high-performing employees required more private space to work through difficult tasks and 54 percent found their workplace “too distracting.”

A simple step like installing one or more phone booths for employees can take away much of this stress and anxiety.

For Mental Concentration

Trying to focus on a difficult task in a buzzing office is not only stressful, but can also be time-consuming.

A study carried out by Humboldt University in Berlin found that it’s not easy to get your focus back on track once you’ve been interrupted — in fact, it takes up to 23 minutes to restore your previous level of concentration.

Aside from helping you focus on your work, quiet spaces like phone booths can contribute to a lower error rate. In an article on the topic, Fox Business News reported that because they allow for quiet concentration, workers make 10 percent fewer mistakes as a result.

Clearly this is great for both employee morale and workplace productivity. Many wonder how to focus and work in an open office, but its clear the answer is to close things up.

For Physical Well-being

Did you know that spending all of your time in an open-plan office increases your chances of getting sick?

In a study carried out by Stockholm University, researchers assessed different types of offices and the links between the amount of short and long-term illnesses the employees suffered. They also looked at how many sick days a year employees took. They found that workers had a higher chance of experiencing short periods of sickness when they worked with no privacy. 

Another study carried out in Denmark shows that workers in an open-plan office took 62 percent more sick days than their counterparts in completely enclosed offices.

While it may not be practical to completely refigure or move your office setup, you can easily set aside a designated enclosed space such as a phone booth to make your open office more private. 

This should reduce the risk of getting sick significantly and lead to a happier and healthier workforce in the long term.

For "Me" Time

Everyone needs some time out of their work day, and it’s a well-documented fact that workers who have regular breaks work smarter and are more productive.

In fact, the ideal routine was found to be a work session of 52 minutes followed by a break of 17 minutes. It’s no coincidence that separate research has established that the brain works best in episodes of intense activity lasting about an hour, followed by a lull where it recharges its batteries by relaxing for a short period of time.

A break for workers means a real change to their physical environment. So, even just stepping away from their desk and into a private phone booth can provide the adjustment they need to return to their tasks refreshed.

The Zenbooth Solo

Zenbooth specializes in providing booths suitable for up to six people, including the Zenbooth Solo which offers a small, private workspace with ventilation and power.

It’s soundproofed so that conversations can’t be overheard, and comes with dimmable LED lighting and a full skylight ceiling, creating a secure and pleasant atmosphere for work or relaxation.

The Solo model complies with accessibility requirements, and is fully equipped with a power and data unit, USB ports and outlets for data and phone cables.

Its ventilation system circulates a booth’s worth of clean air every minute, allowing you to breathe fresh air and avoid feeling groggy while inside. 

Other Products

If you need a little more space, check out the Zenbooth Duo. This versatile booth is perfect for two people, and works well for formal and informal meetings and private phone calls.

Or take a look at the Quad, Zenbooth's largest model which provides conference space for small groups of four to six people. 

Want To Know More?

Ordering a Zenbooth is super easy, and you can take advantage of special deals on multiple purchases, as well as quick delivery and free 30-day returns.

Want to know more about how you can design your office for health and productivity with an office phone booth? Simply contact their friendly team about their versatile selection of products. 

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