Electric, Height Adjustable Desks for Work-From-Home Offices

Working remotely is a desired perk for many professionals. But sadly, many of us have no other choice given the ongoing pandemic.

In order to effectively and efficiently work from home, employees need a comfortable workspace that is suitably equipped to accomplish their daily tasks.

Access to the latest technology is a must, and so is a desk that will allow home office workers to sit or stand. The Zenstation from Zenbooth is an electric, height adjustable desk that fits the bill. 

Statistics on Remote Workers

Forty-one percent of global businesses surveyed by Flexjobs in July 2019 said they already offer some remote work opportunities for employees. At the January 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, hundreds of CEOs expressed support for increasing the opportunity of working from home. 

Employers late to the work-at-home revolution are now scrambling to adapt as the global response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) strengthens. Within the last couple of weeks, governments worldwide have been forced to take extreme measures to “flatten the curve” of new infections. Among the steps taken includes the mandating of “social distancing” and the closure of all non-essential businesses.

Companies unfamiliar with remote working opportunities are facing quite a conundrum: quickly adapt their workforce to work at home, or risk losing business during this unprecedented time. While not all industries can adapt to a work-at-home model (construction, hospitality, for example), most office-based workers can make the transition with the right tools.

Work-at-Home Necessities

Employees who were used to the creature comforts and company-provided tools of their familiar workspaces are adjusting.

Ideally, an at-home office should allow for the same – or increased – level of productivity without taking up valuable living space.

What are some of the most common tools needed for a successful at-home workspace?

  • A fast and reliable Internet connection is a top priority. In order to be considered a fast Internet connection, it should be capable of Internet download speeds of 100 Mbps (Megabits per second) at a minimum, and Internet upload speeds of a minimum of 10 Mbps. Having a fast and reliable Internet connection will ensure stability for functions such as online conferences and meetings via services like Zoom and Skype. It will also allow for quicker uploading and downloading of files.
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for transferring files between home and the company’s server is a must. Using a VPN creates a secure tunnel over the Internet that will protect sensitive files and proprietary information. Many companies already have a VPN service and will require remote employees to install and use the software for work purposes.
  • Digital scanners are a handy tool to have in any remote office space, as they effectively replace the need for a printer or fax machine.

Ample, Comfortable Workspace 

In addition to tools and digital access, it is vitally important to have ample room available.

  • Finding a quiet zone in your home, or an unoccupied corner of a room already in use if space is tight, is the first step.
  • Finding an office desk that suits your individual needs is the next step. While traditional desks are the norm in most corporate offices, working from home allows for more flexibility.

Height Adjustable Desks for Work-From-Home Offices

Why stick with a boring corner desk for your at-home workspace? Now is a great time to consider a revolutionary style of desk that is designed to increase productivity, while ensuring the health and well-being of its user. 

The ZenStation Adjustable Desk from Zenbooth is a perfect fit for remote workers looking for a comfortable sit-to-stand experience. ZenStation is compact, ergonomically flexible, and easy to install in any space.

Benefits of a WFH Height Adjustable Desk

According to a study published by the Journal of Physical Health and Activity, the health benefits associated with the use of an adjustable desk are numerous. The study outfitted 74 healthy individuals with masks that measured oxygen consumption to determine caloric burn while doing computer work, watching TV, walking on a treadmill and standing. 

The study determined that subjects burned an average of 80 calories per hour while sitting, which is reflective of the same amount that would be burned while sitting at a desk or computer. When standing, subjects burned an average of 88 calories. The conclusion reached by the researchers is that a standing desk would burn 24 extra calories if used for three hours during the working day.

While standing desks do not contribute to significant weight loss, they do boost overall health in other ways, according to that same study. Converting from a sitting to a standing position after eating a meal can help blood sugar levels – which naturally spike during food consumption – return to normal more quickly than sitting. 

Standing, rather than sitting, also can reduce shoulder and back pain commonly associated with sitting at a desk, especially while using a computer.

Using a standing desk also is attributed to improving heart health. A pioneering study conducted in 1953 found that standing while working is better for overall heart health. The study determined that bus conductors who stood all day for their jobs reduced their risk of heart disease-related deaths by half as compared with their colleagues who drove buses.

Maximizing the Benefits of ZenStation at Your Remote Office

To maximize the benefits of using a convertible work surface like the ZenStation Adjustable Desk, change the amount of time you spend sitting versus standing in small increments each day. 

Suddenly going from sitting while working 100 percent of the time, to standing for a significant portion of the workday, can cause back, foot, and joint pain. Zenbooth recommends easing into the standing desk option until you find a balance between sitting and standing that works best for your body.

Psychologically speaking, there are mental health perks to remote working. A 2018 Flexjobs survey found that 97 percent of respondents believed working remotely would have a positive impact on their quality of life. The respondents said working from home reduces stress levels and eliminates distractions from work colleagues, improving their ability to focus and be more productive.

In addition to the health benefits of using a ZenStation Adjustable Desk, recent studies support findings that suggest remote workers increase their overall productivity by the equivalent of a full day’s work. The two-year study, conducted by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom, contains definitive data that suggests remote workers take shorter breaks, have fewer sick days, and take less time off.

Choosing the ZenStation Desk

The most important feature of the ZenStation is its versatility. With the ZenStation, remote workers can:

  • Organize messy workspaces with the built-in cable management rack.
  • Program three favorite positions for the desk height for automated adjustment during the workday.

Remote workers who have dedicated, quiet spaces in their homes for an office will enjoy the versatility and value of including the ZenStation.

Need a little more privacy while working from home? In addition to the ZenStation, Zenbooth also offers enclosed booths with adjustable desk space. All booths are 100 percent soundproof and are designed with accessibility in mind. Check out all of the available Zenbooth options here.

Get Your ZenStation Adjustable Desk

Are you ready to incorporate a ZenStation or other Zenbooth products into your remote workspace? Zenbooth makes it easy to select, finance, and receive any product in as little as 10 days. All goods come with a 30-day return period. Call us today or order online for fast, free delivery.

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