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Working remotely is a desired perk for many professionals. But sadly, many of us have no other choice given the ongoing pandemic.

In order to effectively and efficiently work from home, employees need a comfortable workspace that is suitably equipped to accomplish their daily tasks.

Access to the latest technology is a must, and so is a desk that will allow home office workers to sit or stand. The Zenstation from Zenbooth is an electric, height adjustable desk that fits the bill. 

Statistics on Remote Workers

Forty-one percent of global businesses surveyed by Flexjobs in July 2019 said they already offer some remote work opportunities for employees. At the January 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, hundreds of CEOs expressed support for increasing the opportunity of working from home. 

Employers late to the work-at-home revolution are now scrambling to adapt as the global response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) strengthens. Within the last couple of weeks, governments worldwide have been forced to take extreme measures to “flatten the curve” of new infections. Among the steps taken includes the mandating of “social distancing” and the closure of all non-essential businesses.


Working from home is quickly becoming a necessary arrangement due to the coronavirus. But prior to the pandemic, many office employees were already attracted to the flexibility and freedom that come with working remotely.

In the U.S., 5 million employees work from home at least occasionally; this figure makes up about 3.6 percent of the American workforce. 3.6 percent may not seem like much, but it represents a 173 percent increase from 2005 to 2018.

Advancements in web-based technologies such as cloud computing and telecommunication are some of the main factors fueling work-from-home trends in many industries. Both employers and employees are also growing more appreciative of progressive workplace practices and policies.

Some of the main disadvantages when working from home are distractions, poor work-life balance, and low productivity. These can be solved by designating a modern workstation or home office. 

But this creates another problem. Most of us live in houses that can't accommodate a generously-spaced office. Laying out a workspace in an already congested house or apartment calls for some creativity; that's where the new ZenStation comes in.