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We've read recent media reports of concerns about WeWork phone booths having potentially elevated levels of formaldehyde.  We suspect that these phone booths contained imported products that weren't subject to regulation, or that they weren't properly ventilated.  As we'll detail below, all Zenbooth products meet or exceed strict regulatory requirements and are properly ventilated.

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Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is a wide range of products - from apples to drinking water, to the desk you may be working at.  Typically, it does not pose a health risk to consumers, however, exposure to elevated levels of formaldehyde may lead to eye irritation or other symptoms. 

In the United States and other countries, there are regulations in place to protect people from chemicals like formaldehyde that could cause potential harm.

In particular, the EPA and California Air Quality Resource Board (CARB Phase II) has set strict standards for wood products (1). The wood we use to create our booths is tested, certified and labeled by our Californian vendors to meet those standards. 


Office phone booths & office pods can be valuable additions to your work space. They create an area where employees can focus on intense tasks, take private phone calls and decompress.

Each model is a worthwhile investment when factoring in the improvement it makes to your staff's overall productivity & health. 

You may not know enough about these relatively new products to make a purchasing decision.

What kind of privacy booth should you buy and how will you know if it's durable, eco-friendly and safe? More importantly, what's the pricing like?

There’s no need to spend hours on research - we’ve got all of the details right here.

First - The Benefits of Office Phone Booths & Office Pods

Let’s start with a quick overview of why you should be investing in these soundproof booths for your office quiet space.


When it comes to snagging conference room space for your next big meeting, it can be a huge hassle competing with your coworkers. 

Some offices are just not equipped to handle the demand. Often times these spaces are in use exactly when you need them most. 

When your office’s cafeteria or common areas aren’t an option for a meeting, that’s where the four-person office phone booths from Zenbooth come in.

Our state-of-the-art office pods make it possible to always have the quiet, private meeting space that you need in addition to other conference areas in your office.

Want to learn more about what makes the four-person office phone booths, or as we like to call them, “Executive Rooms,” so unique?

Read on!

1. They Effectively Block Noise

The chatter of people in the next room, the buzz of employees milling around the coffee pot — sometimes, excess noise is too much of a problem when you're trying to have a meeting.

With Zenbooth, you won’t have to worry. Our 3.5-inch thick insulated walls ensure that no sound escapes and no sound enters. You’ll love working in this virtually soundproof workplace.



It’s undeniable: open office layouts have taken over the workplace. From small-scale startups to large corporations, the open office has become the norm. While this approach has its proven benefits regarding functionality and budget, the inherent right to privacy, peace and quiet has become a luxury reserved for a select few. The fairy tale notion that open offices boost collaboration has been debunked time and time again.

The struggle is real.

If you work in one of these modern offices, you understand its challenges. Conference rooms are hard to come by, collaborating with your teammates at their desk is an incredible distraction to others, and honestly, it ends up being easier to email your neighbors rather than speak to them.

In keeping with our commitment to creating quality private and quiet spaces for all, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Executive Room to our family of products, which will help solve companies’ conference room space problems.

Just a box...or is it?

Maybe your company culture is the type to throw a few bean bags down to meet informally in a chill space”, or perhaps it could use a more formal conference room alternative with sound dampening capabilities.

However, conference room space is hard to come by, with employees battling for rooms and arguing over schedules.


Do you work in an open office environment? If so, you probably know how difficult it can be to get work done in the wake up excessive noise. 

Sadly, noise isn’t just a nuisance; it’s a cause of increased employee sick time, stress, and lost work hours. But there is a solution: office phone booths. Below we describe the real detriments of open office layouts and how office phone booths like Zenbooth can be the remedy your offices'  auditory issues.

Sources of Noise in Open Offices

While there are many negatives associated with the once trendy open office workspace, like lack of privacy, visual distractions, and olfactory intrusions, nothing is more disturbing to workers than noise. In many open offices, people don’t even realize how distracting noise is because they have been living with it for so long.

There are multiple sources of noise in any open office environment. Of course, a natural cause of noise is people talking, whether it’s about work-related matters or personal topics. Overheard work conversation is irritating enough, but sharing weekend exploits, joking, and laughing take talk noise to a new level of aggravation for workers who need quiet to do their jobs.

Other sources of noise in the workplace include:

  • Ringing telephones and noise from office equipment, like copiers and printers
  • Typing and computer sounds
  • Video, radio, and music
  • Doors closing and elevators pinging
  • Cooking and coffee making sounds
  • Cubicle noise, like shutting file cabinets and rolling office chairs


If your company has an open office, it's hard to imagine a way to combat the downsides without moving. From excessive noise to distracting coworkers, open offices hinder productivity and employee happiness. 

Fortunately, there are office phone booths like Zenbooth, a reasonably priced solution that provides a distraction-free environment for workers. Let’s look at five ways an office phone booth can lower stress in your workplace.

Screening Out Noise & Loud Coworkers

Noise is one of the biggest problems in open office work environments. Workplace noise can come from any number of sources, and in an open workplace, employees may be exposed to all of them:

  • Telephone calls and interpersonal conversations
  • Ringing phones and sounds from large office equipment
  • Elevator and door noises
  • Foot traffic
  • Workstation sounds: chairs rolling, file cabinets opening and closing, etc.
  • Coffee area and kitchen noises
  • Employee music at their desk
  • Even loud chewing and slurping

Zenbooth, a premium office phone booth, screens out noise up to 40 decibels so workers can concentrate. Loss of concentration at work is a huge source of stress to employees, and workers in open office environments take 62 percent more sick days than those in conventional work layouts.


If you work in or manage an open office, you may have already discovered the many pitfalls of these environments. Open offices aren’t as beneficial as intended but there are phone booth furniture solutions available for companies not looking to move or reconstruct their entire floor. 

Keep the Open Office Benefits, Lose the Downsides

Open offices were originally created to make it easier for employees to work as a team and to collaborate on projects. However, many businesses don’t require this level of openness but use open office layouts nonetheless. 

While 70 percent of offices in the US have zero or low partitions, only 10 percent of workers believe “ease of interaction” is a problem for them.

Instead, open offices cause more problems than they solve. The downfalls of open office designs include:

  • Noise created by coworkers, equipment, music, and ambient elements
  • Visual distractions, like people constantly walking by
  • Lack of privacy
  • Decreased professional image to clients and visitors
  • Increased feelings of employees being hovered over or supervised all the time


Does your office have a productivity problem? It just might if you have an open office layout. Research has shown that open office environments are not all they’re cracked up to be, but utilizing a private workspace alternative can alleviate issues that come with too much open space.

How Privacy Benefits Workers

Open offices were in vogue a few decades ago. Initially, advocates of this type of layout thought the absence of doors and walls would make for better communication and increased teamwork. Sadly, these open office enthusiasts were incorrect in their assumptions.

Open offices have been proven to be detrimental to productivity. One of the greatest problems with having no walls in a workplace is having no sound barriers. Noise is far more distracting to workers than was originally imagined, and more than half of employees surveyed in recent studies said they needed more quiet at work.

Furthermore, noise distractions in open offices aren’t just limited to the time someone is talking or playing music. Once taken away from their work by noise, people can require up to 23 minutes to restore their concentration, according to research at Berlin’s Humboldt University.


Office phone booths have emerged as a win-win solution to the problems associated with open office working environments. With phone booths, there's no more forced work distractions & no more frustration on the part of employees because they lack privacy.

They also provide employers an efficient, cost-effective way to create healthy, productive workplaces. Adding one to the office means companies won't have to invest in expensive renovations to provide workers with an alternative to the stressful open office concept. 

Thanks to the immense benefits, the variety of uses, and thoughtful features, Zenbooths have become a modern staple for organizations across the board, from growing businesses to major companies like Bosche and Capital One. 

Here are 17 key reasons why an office phone booth or office pod can enhance the way you and your team get stuff done.

office phone booths

Office Phone Booths Improve Employee's Mental Health

Working in an open environment for 8 hours every day can lead to increased stress and anxiety. It comes from the constnat exposure to noise and visual distractions. This condition isn’t just an issue for introverts, who aren’t interested in the high number of social interactions that an open office inspires.


The way we get work done is changing fast, and therefore the office environment must change with it. To ensure maximum productivity and employee satisfaction in a world where today’s workforce will have five different jobs before the age of 35, company's need to get creative. 

Advertising for, interviewing, and training up new hires is expensive, so it makes sense to provide a workspace where employees will feel comfortable and free to work in a way that ensures high levels of workplace satisfaction. Soundproof office booths help to achieve this goal by lowering anxiety and offering people privacy. 

The Stress Problem Caused By Modern Offices

soundproof office phone booths

Open plan offices have been a popular style of workspace design for decades, but we now recognize that while cost-effective and practical, this type of office space may not always be in the best interests of its employees, or result in optimum productivity.

An open office space fosters communication and collaboration, which can improve employee relationships and lead to a more innovative and creative working environment.