An update and apology about lead times

Dear customers and partners,

We are sorry to inform you that all our orders have been delayed beyond their offered lead time due to cascading supply chain shortages and limited labor availability. For example: 

  • Within the past months we have seen certain types of wood run out not just from distributors (who typically carry months of supply for us) but from the mills as well. 
  • We have seen pallet shortages, with the prices of pallets at times increasing 10x.

Zenbooth has been manufacturing phone booths and private spaces in California since 2016 and as a small business we’ve weathered a range of challenges, but these past couple months have been especially challenging. We are also seeing a sharp increase in demand as people return to office and recognize the need for more private space.

Orders placed before August with lead times of 60 days may be delayed 4-6 weeks beyond their offered lead time. We realize this may cause unexpected disruption to some businesses and we are working overtime and bringing on additional staff to catch up. We are expecting to be able to ship future orders within 90 days and have updated our website accordingly. 

These challenges have presented an opportunity for us to improve our product. We now use Californian sourced plywood that has slightly different edge grain. If you’re lucky, your order may also ship on a beautiful pallet that has been made from some of our scrap offcuts! See photo below. 🌳

Whilst we have taken numerous steps to secure our supply chain, we expect there may be continued disruption to our supply of wood and electrical components for until September. 

Again, we thank you for your support. Our team is working hard to catch up and we apologize for any disappointment this may cause you. 🙏 

You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 🙂


Zenbooth makes their own pallet when supply chain falls short

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