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For over a generation, American businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and other institutions have committed themselves to the open office concept. Developed in the late 1940's, its inventors and advocates speculated that it would revolutionize intra-office cooperation. 

Make the walls disappear, they reasoned, and employees would have more opportunity to communicate. This new environment was supposed to foster innovation and creativity, while boosting productivity.

While some narrow groups, such as young office workers and extroverts, did react as expected, the open office has proved a headache — in some cases, quite literally — for most who must work there.

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Common Problems Encountered in the Open Office Environment

After the turn of the century, studies began to show alarmingly negative impacts both individually and collectively. In most cases, the open office failed to live up to expectations. Instead of boosting morale, production and other measurables, performance suffered.

The problems faced in open offices stem from two sources: visual and audial distractions. At best, distractions can wreck havoc on work that requires concentration.


The open office, once the trendiest office fad, has hit a downturn in popularity. From academic studies to exposes in The New Yorker, BBC, and elsewhere, experts and employees alike have complained about the detriments of the open office.

Although most organizations will not revert to the traditional model of having a number of private offices, help is on the way in 2019. Many have started looking into the value added to their work environment by office privacy booths.

These are nine reasons why companies have started looking at phone booths and moving away from the open office towards an evolved concept called the “agile office." This style combines the best of the open and traditional office concepts & privacy booths can help make the retooling easier and more cost-effective.

The Problematic Open Office

From the 1950s until the first decade of this century, the open office has slowly taken over the work world. German experts created the concept after World War II as a way to force colleagues to occupy the same space instead of hiving off into their own separate spheres. They believed that without walls between them, employees would create a more communicative and creative environment.

By the 1990s, tech companies embraced the ideal just as corporate America was searching for cost cutting measures to remain competitive.


In 2016, we at Zenbooth set out on a mission to help individuals overcome the challenges of the “open-office” and introduced the single-person Comfort Booth. Now, after several iterations, the new two-person model is tackling even more of those pain points, such as the lack of adequate spaces to have private conversations.

From small businesses to larger corporate offices, the open-concept floor plan has made it challenging for the modern worker to not only collaborate with others, but to simply find focus. Conference rooms are often scarce. They can be difficult to book, or simply too much room for one or two people to occupy, when the room could be used for larger groups. The Executive Booth XL is the answer for employers looking for ways to make better use of their space.


Does your office need more privacy? 70% of American offices have adopted an open plan design, but they're not always conducive to peace and quiet.

Those who work in them take up to 62% more sick days, which suggests a lot about how the stress and noise levels of these office styles hurt workers' immune systems. 

Additionally, 58% of high-performing employees state that they would like their office at a lower volume to be more productive. 

At Zenbooth, we recognize that open offices come with unique advantages. By banishing the hierarchy that comes with secretive cubicles, they make it easier for employees to engage with one another, no matter what their job title is. With excellent communication generating new ideas, abandoning this aspect of an open office work space wouldn't be a positive move.

Additionally, open offices could reduce isolation in the workplace, giving colleagues the chance to get to know one another. Again, this is an excellent asset in terms of collaboration and team building.

But there's a need to overcome the chaos that open offices bring. With our private phone booths, you can retain the benefits of an open office environment while giving your employees somewhere calm and quiet to work on high priority assignments. 

With clients such as Bosch and Samsung under our belts, we proudly deliver tranquility to offices throughout the U.S. 


Open office plans may be an economical way to save space, but they cause excessive distractions for employees. hampering their productivity.

25-30 percent of people working in an open office environment report being dissatisfied with the level of noise at work. Add to that the 54 percent of high-performance employees who find their workplace too distracting, and its clear companies need a solution. 

When offices have low partitions between desks - or none at all - workers are not afforded any amount of privacy or quiet they need to get things done. Enter noise reduction phone booths, a viable solution for eradicating distraction and restoring peace at your office.

Zenbooth offers modular office booths that come in varying sizes. From small, singular, comfort booths to larger executive booths that can accommodate up to two people, these solutions offer a quiet space for completing work or conducting important meetings. 


Office designs and concepts constantly evolve as managers of private sector, non-profit, and government facilities alike search out the best way to inspire the most productivity out of their workers. 

Yesterday’s ideal set up, the “open office” design, was meant to break down every wall and barrier to facilitate communication. Advocates of the concept believed that it would lead to enhanced innovation and productivity.

They, however, got it very wrong. Their were far more cons than pros to this new layout. Extroverted younger people tended to favor it (no word on if it made them more productive). But studies showed that most people struggled with open offices overall. 

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Many who worked in the open office merely faced too much distraction. Studies indicate that once lost, concentration on work could take up to 20 minutes to be restored. 

Some saw the effects of constant noise and no escape from others harmful to people's health.


For today’s office, meetings that spark more productive collaboration aren’t only a luxury--they’re a necessity. With the advent of agile office design and innovations in agile office furniture, companies have discovered that highly compartmentalized workplaces don’t produce as well as those that can combine all their workers’ talents.

Some of the first efforts at producing a collaborative atmosphere, though well-intentioned, caused some workers’ usability to fall through the cracks. Open office floor plans may have improved the collaborative aspect from the typical 1980s-era offices full of separated cubicles, but they do have their drawbacks.

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How Office Meeting Booths Enhance An Open Floor Plan

If you must deal with an open office floor plan, you already know how chaotic it can be. With nowhere to get your team together by yourselves away from the consistent noise, you either huddle together, keeping your voices low so as not to disturb your office mates, or you conduct the meeting in full voice, contributing to the noise factor.


It's true; no one really wants to spend a whole day at work but that could be for a different reason than you think. If you walk through the doors of the workplace and suddenly your energy level drops from 10 to 2, your workplace environment needs an overhaul.

What exactly is it that drains your energy? We humans are social creatures who like to talk, laugh, and tell stories. However, if you have a cliquey group in the office or someone who is pessimistic and eternally negative, you expend lots energy combating them. 

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Distractions Reduce Productivity

It's commonly known that being distracted keeps people from thinking clearly and has a negative impact on their ability to be productive. One of the biggest culprits of distraction is the popular open office workspace, or “bullpen.” It was originally thought that an open office would promote collaborative thinking and creativity, both of which are huge assets to a company.


If we're being honest, traditional open office floor plans do provide some advantages. The typical open space work environment is fairly cheap, as a company need only purchase desks, computing equipment, and an assortment of other office paraphernalia. 

On the other hand, open offices also include a series of severe drawbacks which most firms either don't fully - or only partially – address. (Portable soundproof booths, on the other hand, address all of them.)

These issues include pervasive work background noise and it's associated health effects, the spread of common communicable diseases such as the flu, and over management.

This is due, in part, to the fact that office design companies have not developed solutions mitigate these issues. Granted, there exist cubicles and other office partitions, but office equipment like that hardly addresses the problems we've highlighted, which make them, in effect, an unnecessary expense which can drain a company's needed capital.

However, thanks to recent developments, with the advent of office pod technology, these problems can not only be virtually eliminated, but a series of pro-productivity, pro-worker benefits are provided as well.

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Why do some coworking spaces flourish while others falter? Coworking spaces are a hot commodity. Owning one in a busy metropolitan area full of contract workers, up-starters and creative types will almost certainly guarantee a steady income stream and a high capacity for growth. Right?

Well… there is potential for that. But as the popularity of coworking spaces propagates, so grows their grand openings per year. Demand is there, but soon supply may quickly outpace it. What will make some coworking spaces stand out from the expanding pack?

Adding user value with variety and flexibility. Coworking spaces that stand the test of time will offer more than just open work areas.

They might offer ping pong, indoor basketball games, smoothie bars and visiting masseurs and masseuses. But we digress. The beautiful thing about cowork spaces is that they have yet to meet the full potential of what they can offer in terms of actually getting work done. Providing varied, flexible types of environments within your cowork space will bring it a step closer to the ideal.

From networking to every kind of working - private office phone booths enhance the value of a coworking space.

It’s simple, really. There is no one perfect style of work environment. Coworking spaces are a brilliant idea. They provide hot desks (and hot coffee) for remote employees, independent sales reps, consultants and freelancers, small business owners and more.