Privacy built for two: Meet the new Executive Booth XL

In 2016, we at Zenbooth set out on a mission to help individuals overcome the challenges of the “open-office” and introduced the single-person Comfort Booth. Now, after several iterations, the new two-person model is tackling even more of those pain points, such as the lack of adequate spaces to have private conversations.

From small businesses to larger corporate offices, the open-concept floor plan has made it challenging for the modern worker to not only collaborate with others, but to simply find focus. Conference rooms are often scarce. They can be difficult to book, or simply too much room for one or two people to occupy, when the room could be used for larger groups. The Executive Booth XL is the answer for employers looking for ways to make better use of their space.

As its sister, the Comfort Booth, the new Executive Booth XL is available in Maple or White exterior walls. The booth can be assembled and installed in under two hours, with minimal tooling. Having an outer footprint of only 47”x 84”, the booth can easily fit and blend into nearly any office environment.


The Executive Booth XL is of an eco-friendly construction, consisting of a mixture of natural wood and premium engineered wood products and insulated with a 3.5” layer of recycled denim, keeping your conversations private.  The interior features sound dampening panels to manage the acoustics within. The ceiling contains two skylights to allow natural light to fill the booth, while built-in fans, quietly circulate air in and out. The fans are automatically activated by motion sensors located on the power supply panels. The 36”wide aluminum door contains a spring-hinge and magnet to guarantee a tight seal, while remaining easy to open.

The spacious, sixty-pound capacity, floating work surface sits away from the wall, routing device cords and wires to the side for optimum organization. Sitting at approximately 31” inches in height, it provides clearance for a variety of office furniture and chairs, with legroom to spare. The power supply contains three outlets and two USB ports to charge all of your devices, located on either side of the work surface, below desk level.

The Executive Booth XL is the perfect place for conducting performance reviews and interviews, one-on-one collaboration, or simply a quiet space to stretch out and focus on one’s own projects. In a world littered with distractions and private offices being hard to come by, every employee can feel like an Executive by stepping into this quiet space of their own.
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