Soundproof Office Booths, With Many Millennial Benefits & Features

For over a generation, American businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and other institutions have committed themselves to the open office concept. Developed in the late 1940's, its inventors and advocates speculated that it would revolutionize intra-office cooperation. 

Make the walls disappear, they reasoned, and employees would have more opportunity to communicate. This new environment was supposed to foster innovation and creativity, while boosting productivity.

While some narrow groups, such as young office workers and extroverts, did react as expected, the open office has proved a headache — in some cases, quite literally — for most who must work there.

soundproof phone office booths

Common Problems Encountered in the Open Office Environment

After the turn of the century, studies began to show alarmingly negative impacts both individually and collectively. In most cases, the open office failed to live up to expectations. Instead of boosting morale, production and other measurables, performance suffered.

The problems faced in open offices stem from two sources: visual and audial distractions. At best, distractions can wreck havoc on work that requires concentration.

At Humboldt University in Berlin, researchers determined that once broken, most workers could not restore full concentration for at least 23 minutes. An American study estimated that open office concept workers lost at least an hour and a half of work to distraction every day. Over half of all office employees complain that too much noise is a regular problem for them at work.

Even worse, productivity suffers both individually and collectively. Those who work in open offices take two thirds more sick days than those in traditional office designs. On one hand, this reflects the increased communicability of diseases in offices with no barriers, but the health problems can potentially get worse.

Constant audial distraction and unwanted stimulation can create a condition where the adrenal glands release low levels of the fight-or-flight hormone. This creates anxiety that can lead to long-term physical problems, such as high blood pressure, weight gain and other potentially dangerous conditions.

How a Soundproof Office Booth Can Help

Over 70 percent of offices now have no type of partition whatsoever, exposing workers to all manners of distractions. Even cubicles fail to reduce problematic noises. The issues surrounding open offices and their detrimental impact on employees have led companies such as Zenbooth to provide effective solutions at affordable costs for businesses seeking to improve their  environment.

The stylish and solidly constructed private phone booth has walls to block out visual distractions and a sliding door that can close out most noises. LED lighting and quiet fan ensure that occupants have both sufficient visibility and air flow for comfort.

soundproof phone booths

Office booths give employees an opportunity to escape the noises of machines and conversations that dominate the environment. It allows them to concentrate on individual or small group projects. Employees can also take phone calls that require conversation, privacy or both. The Zenbooth office booth can block out 40 decibels, which is a level at or above almost every typical office noise.

Zenbooth offers a product that can accommodate up to two workers, as well as a single booth for solo tasks. 

Researchers were not the only ones noticing how the office phone booth improved the employee environment.  Even the New York Times published a feature on the problem of office distraction and the solutions found in our type of product. 

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