Office Work Booths Designed for the Modern Employee

Open-office plans have increased in popularity the past several years, leaving groups of employees to contend with excess noise, a lack of privacy and additional stress. 

Office work booths provide you a better way to work, giving your employees the ability to focus on their job, feel happier and ultimately reduce your costs through increased productivity.


Everything You Want to Know about Our Office Work Booths

Materials - As the single point of access, the doors are the most-used part of our booths. We use locally-sourced high-grade aluminum with dual pane tempered glass for noise reduction and long-term durability. We also use high-grade, pre-finished maple to construct the interior and exterior of every booth and then top it off with high grade safety Plexi-glass for the ceiling.

ShippingEnclosed office pods are constructed and shipped from our factory in Berkeley, California directly to you. We include white glove service to your business to ensure the booths are in the same perfect condition when they arrive as they were when they left our facility.

The booths are delivered in flat packed boxes and come ready to assemble. We recommend hiring a handyman or Task Rabbit to put together your new booth. The one-person booth takes between 1 and 2 hours while the two-person booths usually take between 4 and 6 hours.

Eco-Friendliness – Eco-friendly solutions are important to you and to the reputation of your business. That’s why we make every effort to create a product that is as good for the environment as it is for your company.

We make our phone booths locally and source our materials from a variety of suppliers in the Bay Area. Our use of recycled and renewable materials is the most eco-friendly method of manufacturing available today. 

Ventilation Systems - The closed system used in our work booths demands a ventilation system for total comfort. We install two powerful exhaust fans which produce a total air exchange in less than two minutes.

Motion sensors trigger the fans and you can enjoy quality air for as long as you are in the booth without the noise of most ventilation systems to disturb you, making them the perfect corporate quiet room.

Work Booth Features – Each booth is equipped with 2 three-prong outlets, 2-fast-charging USB ports, and 1 open port which accommodates Ethernet or cable connections. Once you assemble the booth, just plug it into a standard 110V outlet and it’s ready to go! The included power cord is 15-feet long for easy access to any 3-prong outlet. Additional features include:

  • Insulation. Our booths come with R-13 (blue, ground-up denim) which provides exceptional thermal properties and sound control.
  • Each desktop is 40” high.
  • Ventilation and electrical systems are located on the back of the booths.
  • All work booths can be quickly disassembled for easy mobility and the Comfort Booth is light enough to move with slider pads.

Specific Work Booth Models, Features and Pricing

Executive Booth

The Executive Booth offers the ultimate experience in privacy and comfort for single employees or groups of two. It creates a perfect setting for meetings where everyone involved needs to be on their toes.

These office quiet rooms feature renewable sound insulation, quiet ventilation fans and a double-pane insulated glass door to keep distractions outside. You also have two electrical outlets and fast charging USB outlets so your equipment goes with you.

The Executive Booth has a generous 84.5” x 82” x 41” exterior and an 83.125” x 73.875” x 33.25” interior for $13,995.  Choose your office telephone booth from Maple/Maple or White/Maple.

Comfort Booth

The Comfort Booth is a great place for you or one of your employees to focus on emails or phone calls without the distractions of the outside office.

The booth includes many of the same comfort and convenience features as the Executive Booth on a smaller scale. It has a double pane insulated glass door, magnetic latching system, renewable sound insulation and a clear safety Plexi-Glass ceiling.

The booth also features an easy-move design, custom wood standing desk, and an anti-fatigue floor mat that encourages better productivity. Quiet ventilation fans keep the booth noise free, while fast-charging USB outlets and two electrical outlets keep all your necessary equipment charged and running.

The booth has an exterior size of 84.5” x 45.5” x 41” and an interior size of 83.125” x 36.75” x 33.25” for $4,495.00. It’s just the right size for one and it comes in Maple/Maple or White/Maple.

How Work Booths Increase Productivity and Revenue

It’s taken some time, but the benefits of office phone booths are finally gaining traction.

Although open-plan work spaces were meant to enhance collaboration among employees, many disadvantages have been uncovered. 

The noise in an open environment distracts employees, making it difficult to focus on their tasks. It also interferes with critical phone conversations, video conferences, and other types of communication. The frustration of trying to be heard and the loss of privacy increases employee stress while also significantly reducing performance.

A 2014 article in The New Yorker looked at a number of early studies on the impact of too much noise in the workplace. The findings were that open offices remove physical and psychological barriers and reduce job performance. It also showed that offices with open-plans experienced 50% more absences due to illness.

Finding the Best Solution

Old-fashioned cubicles only helped reduce visual distractions at best. Today, most offices are structured in an open-plan that is difficult and expensive to change. Zenbooth phone booths are the perfect solution for giving employees a comfortable, quiet place to work.

The evidence shows that employees who have a quiet space to work produce more, focus better, have less anxiety and are more prepared to handle their job duties. This means happier, healthier employees and a better bottom line for you.

Why Building a Work Booth Shouldn’t Be Your Next DIY Project

The two most common reasons people take on a DIY project are to save money and to get better quality results. Attempting to build your own work booth won’t accomplish either. The estimated price of building a similar unit is $10,000.

When it comes to selecting the materials and putting them together, you should expect to meet a number of additional challenges.

  • Material Safety – Most people don’t realize the potential safety hazards of using the wrong building materials. The wrong choice in wood can result in the release of formaldehyde gases inside your booth. These gases are potentially carcinogenic and they can get trapped inside the booth. The wrong glass can also cause this same safety hazard.
  • Acoustics – Keeping sound out is more difficult than you might have imagined. Every material choice and point of construction matters.
  • Air Circulation – Quiet ventilation is essential to maintain the integrity of the work space and provide high quality air.
  • Structural Integrity – Zenbooths are professionally designed to create a safe, soundproof solution for you. A work booth is more than just four walls that you stick together. A poorly constructed work space could be ineffective or even dangerous.
  • Inspections – Expect to pay more than another $1,000 for an inspection by a licensed electrician, fire marshal, and a building inspector.
  • Labor/Equipment Costs – Do you have 100 hours available to work on your office space? Imagine the cost if you pay a contractor to do that same job by the hour.
  • Materials – Expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for materials before the job even begins.

(You'll also want to avoid buying any used office phone booths.)

Find out more about our phone booths today by contacting us at 415.323.5358. There’s no more cost-effective or easy way to bring peace and quiet into your open-plan office.

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