Soundproof Office Cubicles Are Not a Thing — Use Office Phone Booths Instead

There are tons of articles online that try to offer tips and tricks for finding peace and quiet at work. Unfortunately, soundproof office cubicles are just NOT a thing. 

Soundproof headphones and strict office rules may bring the volume down, but for a real solution, employers will have to look to high-end furniture that is made for the modern office space.

Everyone Wants Soundproof Offices & Cubicles 

One of the most common complaints among workers everywhere is that their office is too loud. Whether they're in office cubicles, an open office or an agile office layout, it seems like there aren't enough realistic options for folks who need a quiet space to get away from distractions. 

Studies have even shown that employees would be willing to sacrifice a variety of amenities if it meant having more privacy at work, including vacation days and coffee machines. 

Without soundproofing, workers are more likely to get distracted by ringing phones, fingers typing, conversations among coworkers and even interpersonal conflict.

It's critical to a healthy work environment to have a silent space where workers can conduct sensitive calls, have private conversations or even take a nap if that's how you see the space best serving your team. 

It will help them be more productive and give them a place to socialize and bond without disrupting other workers. Given the impact that a work environment can have on people's mental and physical health, creating meaningful changes to the workspace should be a priority for every employer.

For a long time, people thought that open offices were the solution to the seclusion that comes with cubicles or closed office layouts. However, neither layout offers much privacy, despite all the soundproofing that people try and fail to incorporate into cubicles. Unfortunately, many of these attempts at bringing down the volume of the workspace can border on useless. 

You Can't Soundproof Cubicles

The most costly way to soundproof is to try and create entirely new rooms. This is unrealistic for most businesses for several reasons. The construction services required can be too expensive, too noisy, too distracting, and in many cases can't proceed without the approval of the building owner. 

How about the cheaper soundproofing alternatives? Unfortunately, most of these alternatives, while they may not be as costly as an outright construction project, are not a total solution to your problems. This includes efforts such as:

  • Adding carpeting: Carpeting may help with chair- and footstep-related sounds, but all other noise is going to be just as loud as before. Carpeting an entire office space can be expensive, so it's important to consider whether or not suppressing these particular noises are worth it. 
  • Implementing strict volume rules: While discussing open office etiquette with employees isn't a bad thing, imposing strict rules about volume may keep employees from socializing healthily or collaborating on projects.
  • Purchasing soundproof headphones: The issue with soundproof headphones is that they can make it difficult for employees and employers alike to communicate with each other. It encourages a degree of isolation that doesn't lend itself to building social bonds.
  • Using sound-absorbing curtains: There are only so many spaces in which hanging up a sound-absorbing curtain is actually feasible. Attempting to use them as partitions will end up being more trouble than it's worth.

While these efforts may work to some degree, there is a much more effective and practical solution for businesses of all sizes and every industry.

Zenbooth Office Phone Booths As an Alternative

Zenbooth offers a convenient and affordable alternative for people fed up with the noise level in their offices. Whether you work in an open, closed, or agile office layout, a Zenbooth phone booth can be seamlessly implemented into your space. You'll love their calming aesthetic and various additional features.

Soundproofed Walls

These booths can offer you something that all these tips and tricks online can't — actual soundproofed space. No need for headphones or strict office volume rules that restrict conversation among coworkers. Zenbooth's units are outfitted with 3.5-inch-thick walls with echo absorption panels, making it easy for workers to get away from everything going on in their office. 

Phone Booth Furniture in Three Different Sizes

There are three different Zenbooth models to choose from.  

The Solo unit is ideal for one worker who wants to step away from the crowd. This phone booth style is perfect for making a private phone call, focusing on a time-sensitive assignment or having some quiet time to decompress. This comfortable but compact booth fits easily into any office area. 

The Duo works as a two-person, portable meeting pod. Like both the Solo, the Duo is outfitted with dimmable lights and a shatterproof skylight ceiling to prevent harsh lighting, which has been linked to unproductivity. These booths also come with numerous electrical outlets to ensure that workers never have to leave the quiet space just to charge a device. 

The Quad is also similar to the Solo and Duo, but it can accommodate anywhere from four to six people. This larger booth still takes up less space than your typical conference room, and its sleek maple exterior makes it fit right into every office aesthetic. With its twin high-powered ventilation system, small groups of workers can focus on a group project or host meetings without having to worry about becoming claustrophobic or overheated.

Versatile and Multi-Use

The great thing about office phone booths is that they're incredibly versatile and can accommodate all different spaces and needs. That's why workers of every industry love all three of these units. They're the ideal environment for various different occurrences in the office, including:

  • Meetings
  • Brainstorming
  • Relaxation/breaks
  • Collaboration/group projects
  • Private calls
  • Time-sensitive assignments
  • Interviews

Don't Waste Time Trying to Soundproof Your Cubicles

When it comes to soundproofing an office or a cubicle, new carpets and softer chairs just don't cut it. That's why Zenbooth is here to be one of the most convenient, efficient and affordable ways to create soundproofed spaces in your office. Our Solo, Duo and Quad booths are loved by workers everywhere for their effectiveness, style and comfort. 

The best part? Not having to pay for distracting construction projects. Zenbooth units can be installed with ease in just one afternoon. Whether you're located on the top floor or down in your building's basement, you'll have no problem transporting the unit and assembling it where you want it. We even offer free installation of the Quad unit for your convenience. 

Ready to revolutionize your office space? Check out our soundproofed booths on our website. We're offering free shipping and a free 30-day return period, and we'd love it if you gave one of our units a try. Have any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out through our website to learn more about what our products can do for you and your business.

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