17 Ways An Office Pod Will Upgrade Your Workspace

Zenbooth office pods are a unique and modern solution that enables you to provide quiet, distraction-free workspaces at your company. 

Built for between one and six people to work free from noise and visual disruptions, Zenbooths are flexible enough to be for private 1v1 calls or group meetings.

Below, we've listed 17 ways an office pod can upgrade your workspace, from health to utility. For questions about shipping or discounts, get in touch with us here. 

1. Lower the stress & anxiety of your workers

Working in an open plan office is known to increase the stress levels of employees, particularly those who are introverts.

For folks who work best alone in a quiet environment, trying to concentrate in the hustle and bustle of an open office can be extremely daunting.

Lack of privacy can also cause anxiety for individuals who are constantly worrying that what they’re doing can be seen at all times by a manager. 

Some people just need a break from having to constantly interact with coworkers all day. For these individuals, an indoor office pod provides a convenient retreat where they can work in peace and privacy for as long as they need to.

2. Enhance employee focus

Working in an open plan office is not only stressful but it can also have a hugely detrimental effect on concentration and productivity.

Providing a distraction-free workspace is particularly important for high-performance employees, 58% of whom say they need more private spaces for uninterrupted thinking.

It takes up to 25 minutes to recover focus after an interruption, so even a workplace with a moderate number of distractions may have a devastating effect on overall productivity.

Of course, it’s not always possible to provide every employee with a private office. But a quiet office pod makes for an affordable and flexible alternative. Employees can work in the main office space for tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration, and then use the office pods when they really need to get stuff done. 

3. Office pods increase the professionalism of phone calls

There’s nothing worse than trying to talk with a client on the phone while it's impossible to hear what they’re saying.

Or maybe you’ve been in the situation where you’re trying to make a sales call and your colleague sitting next to you starts swearing loudly because they’ve accidentally deleted an important document.

Quiet areas for making phone calls are essential for maintaining a professional image, but you don’t need to dedicate an entire office to that single purpose.

Phone pods such as those produced by Zenbooth are specifically designed for the purpose of providing a quiet, private space for calls and other work tasks. 

4. Avoid noisy coworkers

Most of us don’t get to choose who we work with. If you work best in a quiet environment but your neighbor loves to chat, this could severely hamper your productivity.

Allowing coworkers to communicate freely can boost creativity and collaboration in the workplace but it can also cause issues for those employees who just need some peace and quiet to get their work done.

The solution is to provide designated quiet zones where employees can escape if they need some relief from a noisy coworker.

Zenbooths have walls with 3.5” of insulating material to dampen sound so they can block out the voices of even the loudest people at work.

5. Keep private conversations private

If you’re a manager and you need to discuss employee performance or sensitive information relating to company accounts, it’s not appropriate to do this within earshot of your team.

Less senior staff may need to make private phone calls from time to time when they’re talking with clients or discussing secretive projects.

Offering a quiet space is not only essential for work purposes, but it also means that individuals can slip inside a booth when they need to take a personal call instead of wasting valuable work time by leaving the building.

6. Lower the number of employee sick days by providing an alternative to your open office

Constant stress can have a detrimental effect on both mental and physical health. It may mean that your employees need to take more sick days than they would if they had a space of their own.

In fact studies show that workers in open offices take up to 62% more sick days.

Most businesses don’t have the space or budget to offer a private office to everyone, but offering an alternative to being in an open office all day can go a long way towards improving employee morale and health.

Office booths are completely enclosed so the employees using them can have full control over their working environment, helping to reduce stress levels.

Automatic fans keep the air circulating and the temperature cool, ensuring that the pod is pleasant and comfortable to work in.

7. Lower the turnover of high-performance employees

Over 50% of high-performance employees find their workplace too distracting. This could lead to them seeking out employment with another company that offers a more supportive physical environment.

There are many reasons that might be behind a high turnover rate but if you offer a competitive salary and benefits package and the company culture is positive, you might want to consider how your office space stacks up against the competition.

High performers are ambitious and conscientious but a poor working environment will prevent them from reaching their full potential and will reduce their work satisfaction.

Providing private quiet spaces for high performers to focus on their work is one way to help your employees reach their professional goals.

8. Burn more calories while standing at work

Most people are aware that sitting for long periods of the day is not ideal. Sitting at a desk for hours on end slows your metabolism, can damage posture, lead to repetitive strain injuries, and may even reduce your lifespan.

Unfortunately, most office jobs require sitting at a computer for most of the day. But there is an alternative. Standing desks are growing in popularity as a healthier option. Standing up to work provides many health benefits including:

  • Burning more calories, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight
  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Relieving back pain
  • Improving energy levels
  • Boosting productivity

Despite the benefits of standing desks, most employees don’t want to be on their feet for the whole day either. The best solution is to offer a combination of sitting and standing desks so individuals can switch between them during the working day.

Zenbooth office pods are equipped with a standing desk so that employees can take a break from sitting and enjoy the health benefits of standing while they work for long periods throughout the day.

9. Office pods modernize your workspace to attract Millennials

Millennials are now the largest generation in the US workforce, making up one third of all workers. 

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1995, have different motivations and needs than the generations that came before them. They look for different benefits when they’re deciding between job offers.

While salary is still important, when it comes to choosing between two similar job offers, millennial workers will favor those that offer bonuses such as flexible working arrangements and a pleasant physical work environment.

Modern offices with features such as a comfortable relaxation and socialization space are attractive to Millennials, who make work-life balance a high priority.

10. Use our new adjustable desk to create a more personalized work area

Zenbooths now come with the option of a height adjustable desk that can be adapted to suit seated or standing workers from a height of 28” to 54” from the ground.

This is the first electric adjustable desk option (it’s currently not available in any other office pods or phone booths) and adds even more flexibility to the product.

Every individual can customize the Zenbooth to his or her needs with the touch of a button, ensuring maximum comfort and optimal ergonomics.

This personalization and ability to choose between standing or seated work means that employees are happier and more comfortable when working in a Zenbooth.

11. Executive size phone pods can be used for 1-on-1 meetings

If you work out of a completely open office without any private spaces, you’ll definitely understand the frustrations that come from having to conduct interviews and performance reviews in coffee shops or break areas.

Every business needs a designated private space for one on one meetings but sometimes it’s not possible due to space or budget restrictions.

This is where our Executive Size Zenbooths really come into their own as they’re an easy way of providing a private space for two people to talk or work together.

12. Charge your devices with USB ports

Sometimes you just want a break away from your desk but the quiet areas available in your building, such as the break room, aren’t set up for work.

This means that power outlets might not be conveniently located near desks and chairs, and you almost certainly won’t have access to USB ports for charging your phone and other devices.

At Zenbooth we understand exactly how important it is to have everything you need close at hand when you’re making a phone call or working on an important task.

This is why we’ve equipped all our office pods with two electrical outlets and two USB ports so you can enjoy working in peace and quiet even if your battery is running low.

13. Take advantage of the portability of our pods as your office changes

As successful companies grow and change, their office layout must adapt to suit their workforce's needs.

One of the most useful features of our Zenbooths is how they are lightweight and portable. Each model can be moved around in different layouts and working environments.

Upsizing to a bigger office? Take your Zenbooth with you! All Zenbooths are completely freestanding and easy to transport, making them a much more sensible investment for a growing company than permanently remodeling your existing office.

14. Zenbooths help companies form office neighborhoods

The concept of “office neighborhoods” is a modern and flexible approach to office design that blends the advantages of open plan offices with quiet zones. It allows employees to move between different work areas (or neighborhoods) as it suits them.

In this office model, employees are not designated to a workstation dependent on the department they’re working in, but rather they’re free to move around, collaborating with different coworkers depending on their tasks and projects.

Modular office design and elements that can be moved around and adapted to change the workspace are an important part of this model.

Zenbooth office pods provide the flexibility for any modern business to create its own office neighborhood and reap the benefits of this new way of approaching work environment.

15. Enjoy fresh, cool air with our motion sensor activated fan

Does your office get hot and stuffy in the summer months? Or do you wish you had some way to escape your colleague deciding to eat her egg salad sandwich at her desk?

Our office pods are climate controlled with automatic high-power fans that turn on whenever someone is using the booth.

The fans circulate the air so efficiently that it is replaced entirely within one minute. You’ll never feel claustrophobic or too hot with a constant supply of clean, fresh air.

16. Help the environment by buying recycled materials

All Zenbooths are made from recycled and sustainable materials sourced locally in California.

The insulation we use within the walls of our booths is made from old blue denim, which has been ground up into small pieces. This material is not only environmentally friendly but it's also a great insulator and highly effective at blocking sound.

In addition, the maple wood used in our Zenbooths is attractive and sustainable – we plant one new tree for every booth sold.


17. Support the local economy by purchasing US made products

The phone booth and office pod market is flooded with low-quality products made from materials sourced overseas, and in some cases also built and shipped overseas.

Not only does this pose a quality issue for the companies that are buying these products - which are not subject to the same stringent quality controls as locally-produced booths - but it's also very damaging to the US economy and the environment.

Every US company can do their bit by buying locally and avoiding the harmful environmental practice of shipping products from overseas.

Enhance Your Workspace with Zenbooth Office Pods Today

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing an office pod in your workspace. Their unrilvaled flexibility means they can be used for a myriad of situations, alleviating many of the problems associated with open offices. 

If you’d like to find out more about Zenbooth, contact us for a chat today or visit one of our showrooms across America and try out our products for yourself. 

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