A Quiet Room for the Modern Business

Employees in today’s businesses sometimes need an office quiet room to take phone calls or hold meetings away from the incessant activity of the rest of the office.


Enclosed rooms that accommodate this need are typically lacking in modern open-plan offices. While cubicles offer a certain degree of privacy, they do little to reduce the noise that not only makes it difficult for employees to hear the person they’re speaking to, but that can also be distracting enough to interfere with their train of thought.  

Neither situation is conducive to a productive phone call or business meeting.

Working under these conditions can, in fact, increase employee stress, reducing the employee’s effectiveness still further. By not providing your employees with a private area to carry out their most critical communications, you could inadvertently be creating an environment that’s counterproductive to the very goals you expect your employees to accomplish.

The Most Practical Solution - Office Telephone Booths

The innovative designers at Zenbooth have thought long and hard about the open-plan office layout and its inherent disadvantages. We've developed two highly practical solutions for today’s companies: the office privacy pod, which offers individual employees a quiet place to work, and the cheap office quiet room, which is an affordable free-standing enclosure that offers executives a private place for holding meetings undisturbed. 

To Renovate or Simply Assemble

The question of whether to pay a contractor the high cost of building a quiet room from scratch or simply buying and assembling a phone booth style quiet room is easy to answer. The smart move for any company that’s looking for a cheap office quiet room would be the Zenbooth model.

There are several good reasons for choosing the ready-made option. Contractor buildouts are permanent installations that are more expensive and that take much longer to build, disrupting your office routine longer. 

Zenbooths, on the other hand, are portable structures that cost less and can be assembled in an hour, disassembled in 30 minutes, moved around the office, and taken with you when your business relocates. 

The Zenbooth is a versatile option that’s used and loved by some of the world’s largest brands. Perhaps now is the time to boost employee productivity at your company by adding a cheap office quiet room or phone booth to your office space.

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