How We Make the Most Affordable Privacy Solutions on the Market

Why Affordability Matters

Zenbooth started with a simple mission: to help create quiet spaces in every place

Privacy and quiet is important for everyone and has a major impact on well-being, especially in high-traffic places like offices and schools. That’s why we thought, why do phone booths and privacy pods have to be so expensive and inaccessible? Budget shouldn’t be a limiting factor for businesses, schools, libraries, or any other organization to create a private and peaceful environment.

We believe that privacy can be practical, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing without costing a fortune. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal environment for your business, so you can focus on what matters most—your clients, employees, products, and services. 

That’s why Zenbooth is committed to designing privacy solutions that can fit any budget, including phone booths and private meeting rooms. 🌿

How We Do It

Because affordability has been such an important value for us since the beginning, we now find ourselves in a position where we are by far the most affordable office privacy pod on the market. But how do we offer such versatile privacy solutions without compromising on quality?

  1. We design and manufacture our own products in-house 💪 Outsourcing the manufacturing process is often more expensive because of transport costs and mark ups. Almost every other company offering privacy pods are either manufacturing overseas or working with third parties. This immediately adds around 50% to the price as the manufacturer needs to make a profit, and the brand you’re purchasing from is acting as a middleman. At Zenbooth, we design, manufacture, and ship all of our booths directly from our factory in Berkeley, CA, taking out any need for a middleman.
  2. We’ve designed our booths to be easy to manufacture 🛠
    You’ll notice we don’t have many fancy curves or materials on our products, and this is by design. We prioritize function and quality to make our booths people and planet friendly. Each curve, detail and extra color adds complexity and cost that distracts from making the product friendly for you, the planet, and your wallet. 
  3. Relationships 🤝 We pride ourselves on being people-friendly in every way. We have healthy relationships with suppliers that go back years, and we work hard to maintain good rapport with all of our vendors. We get the best prices from buying in bulk and pass those savings onto you. 
  4. We use natural and renewable materials 🌳 Non renewable materials such as plastics and metals are still used by many manufacturers for cost cutting and old-school manufacturing processes. As you’ve probably heard, the prices of those materials have skyrocketed and the environmental impact of their production is increasingly harmful for the planet. We’ve designed our booths with wood as the primary material as it's renewable, readily available, and easier to process. Wood also brings a more calming, natural aesthetic to your office. 
  5. We source our materials locally 🇺🇸 Zenbooth sources more materials locally than any other US manufacturer. Other brands based in the USA often import materials like metal framing from overseas, adding to the overall shipping and environmental cost. Instead, Zenbooth uses trees from the west coast to support American businesses and reduce carbon emissions 🙂
  6. No fancy marketing or sales 🤑 We're a small business without big marketing budgets, and our sales team doesn’t work on commission. We want our booths to reach the right customers without using cheap gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics. Most of the profit we make on our products goes directly back into designing, manufacturing, and delivering the booths themselves. 

At the end of the day, everyone deserves privacy, and that’s why Zenbooth will continue to offer a full suite of the most affordable privacy solutions on the market. 

We strive to deliver quality phone booths and private rooms that focus on your needs and your budget. Schedule a virtual demo or request a custom quote to discover which Zenbooth is the best fit for you and your team. We can’t wait to work with you to help create a more peaceful environment in your space! 😌

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