Announcing the New & Improved Zenbooth Quad

We're excited to proudly announce the new and improved Zenbooth Quad. Beautiful, sustainable, soundproof, accessible, and spacious, this is our most flexible meeting pod ever. 🤸

The Zenbooth Quad is a 7'x7' space that can be anything you need it to be: your own private office, an open space for brainstorming sessions between 4+ people, a breakout room for students in a class, or a quiet retreat to take a moment for yourself. The Quad packs industry-leading features into the most versatile and highest value meeting pod on the market. 

This is our roomiest interior within the Zenbooth product line to accommodate a larger space for an individual to spread out and set up a private basecamp or small groups looking to do collaborative work. It has a 3.5" thick acoustic wall construction that contains sound insulation made of sustainable materials to ensure meetings remain quiet and private while also being good to the earth. 🌳

The Zenbooth Quad also comes fitted with twin high-powered ventilation fans powered by an occupancy sensor to keep you cool and leave the booth smelling fresh. 😌  Our self-closing aluminum door comes with an accessible handle, tempered glass, magnetic latching system, and low 1/2" door threshold for improved accessibility. ♿️

Lightweight materials make moving the booth around your office painless, and easy assembly and disassembly make it easy to get your booth up fast or pack it down to take with you during office moves. 🚚  Like all of our models here at Zenbooth, the Quad is USA made in Berkeley, California and comes complete with a 3-year warranty. 🇺🇸

We're so confident you're going to love the Zenbooth Quad that we're offering free Quad assembly through the end of February (a savings of almost $1,500 per build!🤑 .  Contact us to schedule a virtual demo or request a quote, and bring the peace-inducing power of the Zenbooth Quad to your office space.

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