Avoiding Loud Talkers at Work: Zenbooth's Phone Booth Solution

We have all been behind the noisiest person on a plane, bus, or long line and have sighed in relief when they left. Some of us have had the misfortune to have the person sit right next to us in an office, five days a week, 50 weeks a year.

The Zenbooth solution provides the welcome break from loud talkers in the office with its innovative office pods​ that deliver a private, quiet space to work​.

Studies of employee satisfaction have shown that 58% of high-performance staff members feel that they need more quiet at work. Open offices have created significant costs from the loss of privacy, but building in some quiet space is a highly cost-effective investment.

Reducing stress & office noise

Work is often stressful, and anything that can be done to lower it is welcome. Working in a highly charged atmosphere with constant simulation can be very draining. An undivided office creates many potential interruptions and distractions as employees are often so close that they are not able to switch off from the group environment and focus on their own work.


Avoiding Loud Talkers at Work


To get the best out of a team, a working environment must strike a balance between group work and individual focus. When staff members feel uncomfortable, they are less likely to be able to act naturally and perform to their optimum level. 

Prioritize staff well-being with an office phone booth

Studies have shown that staff in open offices take up to 62 percent more sick days per year. Companies that don't prioritize staff well-being often suffer low staff morale, regularly resulting in increased staff turnover.

Sensitive information shouldn't be shared with the whole office, but in an open office, this can be easier said than done. Rather than facilitating discussion, open offices can paradoxically inhibit communication. Employees are often cautious to discuss key work topics with their coworkers because they don't want the whole office listening.

The Zenbooth Solution

An easier solution to remedy the tyranny of the loud workplace talker is at hand. There's no need to rip up the office or undertake a complete renovation. You don't even need to confront your noisy coworker to give them a piece of your mind. Place one of Zenbooth's pods in your office, and the peace and privacy that you have been craving will finally be realized. 

Our Zenbooths come in a variety of sizes that fit individuals or two people. They're specially designed to combat noise and can block up to 40 decibels. The work pods​ minimize distractions with a motion sensor-based ventilation system and silent interior fans.

Zenbooths are also equipped with everything you need to work, meaning you might never want to leave. Each model contains a workstation, two USB ports, and two electrical outlets so you're always plugged in.

Talk to us today to discover more about the many features and multiple uses of our booths, and take a look at our testimonials from many of our satisfied customers.

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