Zenbooth's Sustainable Shipping: Why Eco-Friendly Packaging & Bundling Shipments Matters

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[Updated April 2023]

At Zenbooth, we hold a strong commitment to sustainability and making eco-conscious decisions at every step of a privacy booth's life cycle. ♻️ From the materials we use to construct our booths to our shipping methods, we prioritize the health of the planet. 🌍

In 2018, our design team developed a special eco-friendly shipping pallet, which we are proud to say has helped to drastically reduce our carbon footprint over the years. 🌿 By stacking our booths on a-frame pallet, we can utilize more vertical space without taking up more square footage in the truck. 

We're also able to fit two Zenbooth Solos onto one pallet when ordered together, utilizing more vertical space without taking up any more square footage in the truck.

This bundling of shipments and maximizing of truck space helps reduce the number of trucks needed to transport our products, as well as the amount of fuel consumed and greenhouse gas emissions produced during transportation. 🚛  The more items that can be shipped together in a single trip, the more it reduces the number of trucks needed to transport those packages, as well as the amount of packaging materials required for each shipment. 📦

To further reduce shipping waste, we developed a minimal packaging solution that supports our a-frame pallet. We also avoid unnecessary processing and corner cutting during production, allowing our booths to retain their natural shape. In fact, we even repurpose leftover materials to make the pallets that we use to ship our booths. 🌱

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Our goal is to make our privacy booths eco-friendly from start to finish as part of our responsibility to the environment. We believe that when the planet wins, we all win, and that's why we're dedicated to promoting sustainability in everything we do. Every step counts towards a more sustainable future. 🙌


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