Supporting Privacy for Brooklyn's LGBTQIA+ Community πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

At Zenbooth, we believe in creating private, comfortable, and supportive spaces for local communities. Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting with Brooks Nicolosi (they/them) the Health and Wellness Program Manager from the Brooklyn Community Pride Center (BCPC) to hear how Zenbooth has impacted their daily operations and fostering a stronger sense of community engagement. 🌈

Glimpse into the Brooklyn Community Pride Center 🌟

Brooklyn Community Pride Center

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center is a vibrant beacon for Brooklyn's LGBTQIA+ community, offering a rich tapestry of programs and services. They provide everything from various support groups for the community, to social events like queer craft clubs and TGNC swim nights. Additionally, they offer vital services like access to telehealth services, HIV home test kits, and individual therapy sessions.

Despite their extensive offerings, BCPC operates with a small but mighty team that punches well above its weight. Their achievements are truly remarkable, considering the breadth of their impact on the community. πŸ’ͺ

Why Privacy Matters: The Need for Zenbooth πŸ”‘

BCPC faced noise and privacy challenges in their space, which led them to consider privacy booths. Brooks explained that when they moved into their Bed-Stuy location, β€œthe walls didn't go all the way up to the ceiling… We had really needed something like this for a while because it becomes difficult to take a meeting if people in all of the rooms next to you are also taking a meeting.” This lack of acoustic privacy made it tough for staff and community members to have confidential conversations.

The introduction of the Zenbooth privacy booth was a game-changer. Brooks highlighted how the booth has been "so helpful for us," especially for professional meetings and providing a quiet space for their services. Having a soundproof, private area has made a huge difference.

Discovering Zenbooth: A Perfect Fit 🎯

When it came time to choose a privacy booth, affordability and functionality were key for the BCPC as a non-profit. "Zenbooth was the most affordable option. Especially factoring in the cost of the booth itself, the shipping, the installation, it was by far the cheapest." Brooks also mentioned they loved Zenbooth’s cost transparency saying, "I could see the price without even having to talk to anybody," unlike other options where they would have had to go through an extensive process to get a quote or even a ballpark price.

The bright and airy aesthetic of Zenbooth was also something that stood out to Brooks in comparison with other privacy booths. They noted that the "wood tones and brighter color palette" of Zenbooth booths are much more inviting compared to other options that feel gloomy and dark. Plus, they loved that Zenbooth didn't have a built-in seat, allowing them to choose their own comfy seating. Creating a welcoming environment is a central part of BCPC, so Zenbooth was the perfect fit to create the atmosphere they wanted. 🌟

Transforming the Space and Community Engagement πŸš€

BCPC uses their Zenbooth for a variety of services, from telehealth sessions for clients to providing staff with a professional setting for important meetings. Having this option gives them more freedom and flexibility in scheduling meetings.

Community members have also benefited from the booth. Brooks explained that it's used by people who need a quiet space for "virtual doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, or even job interviews." This versatility has greatly enhanced the functionality of their space.

Feedback from staff and community members has been overwhelmingly positive. "People love the adjustable desk and the skylights," Brooks said. The booth feels spacious and inviting and fits all different body sizes unlike other options that can feel constraining and claustrophobic.

The presence of Zenbooth has subtly transformed BCPC's space. "We are getting more people at this location now coming in to co-work or work because this is an option for them," Brooks observed. This increased foot traffic maximizes the use of their space and fosters a sense of community and collaboration. 🀝

Looking Ahead: Continuing Our Mission 🌈

With Zenbooth, BCPC has been able to enhance the services they provide to Brooklyn's LGBTQIA+ community. The booth has made a significant difference in how they operate and engage with their community, allowing them to offer a more professional and supportive environment for everyone who walks through their doors.

To learn more about the Brooklyn Community Pride Center and their initiatives, visit their website atΒ or follow them on social media @LGBTBrooklyn.

At Zenbooth, we’re dedicated to fostering community growth and support. We offer a 5% Community Support discount to community centers, non-profits, public schools, healthcare workers, libraries, and individuals in genuine need because we believe that by supporting our community, we can build a stronger world for a better tomorrow. 🌎🫢 We are proud to back organizations like BCPC that are making such a meaningful and lasting difference. Stay tuned for more stories of how our booths are enhancing spaces and experiences for people everywhere. 🌟

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