Sustainable, Affordable Privacy Booths For Your Office

Sustainable, Affordable Privacy Booths For Your Office

Use a Zenbooth to: 

  • Have private conversations away from your open office space.
  • Get important work done in a silent, ergonomic space.
  • Stay powered while you work or talk, with all the outlets you need.
  • Have one-or-one or small group meetings, with a Zenbooth Duo or Quad.
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Zenbooth Features

Privacy Booths and Meeting Rooms That Fit Your Space and Budget

Zenbooth lets your team do their best work, whether it’s a single Zenbooth for a private call or one of our larger Duos or Quads. Each Zenbooth features:

✔ Plenty of Outlets: Letting you keep your computer and other devices fully charged.
✔Optimized Acoustic Experience: Each unit utilizes sustainable and recycled materials to keep your conversation quiet.
✔Comfortable Air Control: High-powered, motion-activated fans to bring fresh air into the unit.
✔Easy Installation & Maintenance: Each unit can be installed and set up with three people, a drill and a ladder. They are also easy to clean and move when needed.

A Zenbooth for Every Need

Zenbooth Solo

Free-standing privacy booth.

✔ Great for making phone calls private and getting work done.
✔ Customizable with an adjustable desk. 
✔ Our most popular model for getting work done in a quiet space. 

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Zenbooth Duo

Free-standing privacy pod for two. 

✔ Great for quick, standup meetings.
✔ Enough space for one-on-one meetings and private conversations.
✔ The most comfortable space for colleagues to get work done. 

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Zenbooth Quad

Free-standing privacy room.

✔ The largest, most versatile Zenbooth.
✔ A large enough space for a quick team chat. 
✔ Optimized for collaboration and accessibility.

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A Private, Customizable Space For Everyone

A Zenbooth is not just a privacy solution for an open office…

Many companies use Zenbooth to create a quiet, productive space for their employees. A Zenbooth can transform any space into your quiet, creative environment, allowing you to focus and get work done. Zenbooths can be found in colleges and universities, call centers, libraries, recording studios and a plethora of places, transforming an open environment into a quiet space.

Why Zenbooth Should Be Your Partner For Creating Your Space

Made in the USA

Each Zenbooth is built with American manufacturing and locally sourced materials. We are based in Berkeley, CA

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Environmentally responsible manufacturing with renewable, natural materials & sustainable practices

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Community Discount

Learn about our community discount, which is based on trust for those in the community that need it

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See a Zenbooth in Action

Find the right Zenbooth for your productivity and privacy needs:

There are three ways to get a Zenbooth:

Visit one of our local showrooms throughout the western United States.

Request a quote and one of our team members will reach out.

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