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"I have some people who will literally spend all day in them. We essentially created mini conference rooms by buying the booths, saving us a ton of time, money, and effort, and best of all: everyone absolutely loves them, and we can move them or take them with us wherever we go."


Ben, Director of Operations at Addepar

"The booths are great, everyone here loves them and it's really helped open up our conference rooms for larger meetings. Overall, everything is great and if we end up needing more private booths like this, I will absolutely re-order from Zenbooth."

Will, Operations Manager at Gizmodo

"An awesome team and product. Our office loves the booths for privacy, space, and temperature. The team over at Zenbooth offer amazing service and have been proactively reaching out to see how our experience has been."

"We love our Zenbooth! It provides a quiet place for private calls, and looks great too!"

Keith, Managing Partner at Pacific Workplaces

"Love the Zenbooths we purchased!"

Erik, VP Finance at Roofstock

"We bought 4 of these for our open office, and the team absolutely loves them. Great quality and design is excellent."

Luke, Founder/CEO at Farmer's Fridge

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