🌟 Showroom Agreement 🌟

Welcome to the Zenbooth Showroom Agreement! πŸŽ‰ This Agreement, between Zenbooth ("Zenbooth") and the esteemed company showcasing our booths ("the Showroom"), outlines the terms for presenting and sharing the Zenbooth experience.

Showroom Benefits 🏒

As a Zenbooth showroom, Zenbooth will:

  • Deliver products to you at a discounted price.
  • Send a range of prospects to your business.
  • Feature a booking link on Zenbooth’s website for customers to schedule tours at your showroom.
  • Ensure booking notifications are sent via Calendly to your team, copying a Zenbooth sales representative.
  • Supply marketing collateral and product information to enhance the tours.
  • Promote the showroom partnership through Zenbooth’s marketing channels.
  • Provide priority support to your office/showroom for any issues.

Showroom Tours ✨

The Showroom will:

  • Offer daily Zenbooth tour/showroom availability during working hours on weekdays, potentially extending to weekends.
  • Extend a complimentary day pass to your showroom facilities for Zenbooth tour visitors.
  • Grant exclusive booth access to prospective customers during the scheduled tour timeslot.
  • Offer relevant Zenbooth marketing materials to customers during their tour.
  • Complete a post-tour survey to provide Zenbooth's Sales Team with a meeting summary to share relevant information on tours.

Showroom Display πŸ“£

The Showroom will:

  • Notify Zenbooth promptly of any functional or aesthetic issues with the showcased products.
  • Maintain clear details and images of the booth's location within your facilities, providing updates to Zenbooth staff whenever necessary.
  • Highlight the partnership on your website with a link to Zenbooth's website.
  • Permit Zenbooth to capture photos/videos of Zenbooth products within the showroom facilities.

Interactions and Sales πŸ’Ό

The Showroom will:

  • Make an announcement to your staff when the Zenbooths are installed.
  • Participate in sales training sessions to empower your team's customer interactions.
  • Adhere to sales and marketing guidelines provided by Zenbooth.
  • Provide neutral insights if customers inquire about alternatives.
  • Administer periodic product feedback surveys among your team.

Agreement Duration and Termination πŸ“…πŸ€

  • Our intention is that both parties get ongoing value from this agreement and that we can maintain an ongoing relationship that benefits both parties.
  • However, either party can terminate this Agreement with a 90-day written notice.
  • In the case of termination, Zenbooth will have the option to repurchase the products at the price sold to the Showroom, less a 20% refurbishment fee. Payment will be made after the product is returned in good condition.

Confidentiality πŸ”’

Both parties agree to treat all non-public information obtained during the course of this partnership as confidential. This includes but is not limited to pricing details, marketing strategies, and any proprietary information shared between the parties.

Intellectual Property πŸ“š

The Showroom agrees not to reproduce, distribute, or use any of Zenbooth's intellectual property, including trademarks, logos, and copyrighted materials, without prior written consent from Zenbooth.

Controlling Terms πŸ“

The terms and conditions set out at https://zenbooth.net/pages/terms-and-conditions apply to all shipments by Zenbooth.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to a successful partnership that benefits both our organizations and customers. Let's create peaceful spaces for focus, collaboration, and creativity together! πŸš€πŸŒŸ

Last Updated August 22, 2023