Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in Professional Installation Services?

Professional installation of your Zenbooths
2 person (minimum) certified installation crew
Removal of packaging materials to customer's bin and/or off-site

How does it work?

The installation team will contact you within 48 hours of delivery to schedule the installation. Our installers carry insurance that covers them in any commercial space in the United States.

There may be a fee for time-sensitive or after hours installs, and for additional work outside the scope. Installers are not required to move or reposition the booth more than a few feet, so choose the location of your booths carefully!

Can I assemble a Zenbooth on my own?

Yes! All booths can be assembled without professional experience, but we highly recommend professional installation, especially for the bigger booths (Duo and Quad). Learn more and download Zenbooth assembly guides here.

Can I purchase installation after the booth has been shipped or delivered?

Yes! Zenbooth Professional Installation services can be purchased at any time, even if your booth has already been delivered.

Can Zenbooth disassemble or move my existing booths?

Zenbooth does not directly assist with booth moves, however, we can connect you to our logistics partner that coordinates the majority of our deliveries and installs. Contact the Zenbooth Support Team to set up disassembly services.

Super fast response time, prioritized our needs despite the lack of time, very friendly and easy to coordinate with!

Jess, Office Manager at Rippling

We visited Zenbooth at NeoCon and liked the quality, local manufacturing, and fast shipment of the booths. These booths seemed of higher quality than some of the other lower price point booths in the industry.

Sarah, Whole Foods

We chose Zenbooth due to cost & environmentally conscious business model displayed by Zenbooth.

Emily, Wavemaker Labs

We also considered Framery and ROOM. Ultimately we chose Zenbooth because the quality was significantly better than ROOM and half the price of Framery.

Arif, Komodo Health

We went with Zenbooth for a variety of reasons: design, sustainability, proximity, ease of delivery and set up.

Stuart, Yerdle

Good customer service responses to our questions when shopping online, product specs, quality compared to price was best.

Stephanie, Ingu Solutions Inc.
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We're Here For You

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