5 Best Modern Office Furniture Ideas

Office furniture has evolved tremendously over the last couple of decades, advancing in technology & catering more to workers than ever before. 

Here are seven of the best modern office furniture ideas, many of which you may be able to put to use at your company. 

Standing Desks

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking.” Maybe sitting isn’t quite as bad as a nicotine habit, but we know it’s not healthy for workers hour after hour without a break.

Standing desks allow employees to get a rest from sitting by working on their feet, which stretches muscles and changes circulation. Standing desks should be adjustable to accommodate workers of all heights equally without ergonomic issues.

When transitioning staff to standing desks, do it gradually so people who are used to sitting don’t get sore. Use comfort mats underneath their feet, and make standing desks optional rather than mandatory. Some people may still prefer to sit.

Partner Desks

Partner desks have been around since the 19th Century, similar to rolling office chairs, and were long favored by architects and draftsmen who shared work and ideas throughout the day. Now they are popular with branding and writing teams, as well as other people who typically chat and swap materials while they work.

The most common partner desks on the market today are sets with a broad desk down the center flanked by mirror image shelves and drawers for work supplies, although there are side-by-side formats as well.

You can fashion your own partner desk by using a wide table with modular shelves and filing cabinets on either side. Antique partner desks can still be found too, which are typically smaller and less elaborate.

Nap Zones

Sleeping at work may have been popularized by the character George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” but there is good science behind taking quick cat naps at work. A short midday nap can refresh the mind, reduce fatigue, and improve the mood. This can help employee productivity in the long run.

Many contemporary workplaces today offer work nap zones to lure new employees. Nap zones can come in many shapes and sizes, from space age-looking pods to spa-like tents to trundle beds under the office sofa.

The main ingredient necessary for a nap zone, once the space has been delineated, is quiet, which can be hard to find in many workplaces. Depending on the users, separate rooms may be necessary or white noise machines may work to screen out office background noise.

Cubicle Screens

For truly open offices, cubicle screens offer an additional level of privacy and a visual blockade from distractions. Cubicle screens in today’s world range from foot-tall mini-barriers to nearly wall-height structures. Some double as bulletin boards for work announcements and photos.

Some creative workplaces use tall bookshelves, shoji screens, rolling blackboards, and the like to separate workspaces. Be aware that while this helps with visual disturbances, it only minimally affects noise, which is a huge problem in many open office environments.

Noisy work environments are known to cause anxiety and increased employee sick time due to stress. They make it hard to retain older workers who are used to more conventional work design. Furthermore, when workers are distracted from their tasks, it can take more than 20 minutes for them to refocus. 

This time is reflected in lost productivity and ultimately, lost revenue to their business.

Office Phone Booths

A better solution for companies where workplace noise is a major problem is an office phone booth. Just what they sound like, these enclosed booths are independent structures that provide privacy and quiet for employees in noisy open work environments.

These products are ideal for a number of work scenarios that are normally impeded by open office floor plans. Examples include when:

  • Employees need a place to make private phone calls to a spouse, daycare provider, or physician.
  • Workers want to talk to clients in person or on the phone without disturbance.
  • Teams or groups must have discussions without distracting other workers who aren’t involved. Office phone booths come in 1-4 person sizes.
  • Management needs to converse with each other or conduct employee reviews in a discreet setting.
  • Workers are required to watch training videos or take tests.
  • Employees want to practice presentations in a quiet environment.
  • New moms need a discreet place to nurse or pump milk.
  • Employers would like to offer workers a separate space for meditation or other wellness perks.

Zenbooths meet all the needs above and come in three different models to suit most offices, with the smaller models able to include an adjustable-height desk for sitting or standing:

  • Comfort Booth for 1-2 people
  • Executive Booth XL for 2-3 people
  • Executive Room for 4 people

These products provide the basic amenities afforded at a typical work station, including ventilation, lights, electrical outlets, and USB charging ports. A grommet lets you run a landline phone or data line to the booth.

Each booth is eco-friendly and provides optimum sound insulation to create a private environment for the user and to prevent people around the booth from being disturbed. 

A plexiglass ceiling window, magnetic door latch, and low threshold for accessibility are included, while the natural wood exterior suits any decor.

Zenbooths are a terrific new modern office furniture option. They can be shipped directly to your office in a day or less. For more information about how Zenbooth can help your workplace regain a quiet, efficient atmosphere, contact Zenbooth today.

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