Worker Privacy Booths: How to Increase Focus and Productivity

If your office is like four out of five others across the United States, you have likely embraced the open office concept in some form. Since the 1960s, employers have increasingly turned away from cubicles and toward open spaces. 

In theory, fewer walls means more communication, innovation, and productivity. In reality, employers have found that workers need privacy to stay focused and even to maintain their own peace of mind.

Luckily, businesses and other offices can find a compromise between a costly remodel and continuing with an open office concept. Privacy booths can help to create quiet spaces that allow workers to concentrate and work more productively.

Why Your Workers Will Love Privacy Booths 

Nearly two-thirds of high-performance office workers say they need more quiet at work. Studies show that the amount of noise pollution and visual distractions in the office environment impact how well they are able to complete important tasks. 

Research from one leading university revealed that it takes up to 23 minutes for a typical office worker to regain concentration once their focus is broken. 

This modern office furniture idea has led to a product that can block out up to 40 decibels of noise, which keeps most usual workplace noise distractions at bay. 

Enhance Seclusion to Boost Productivity

Office phone booths include electrical outlets as well as charging ports for laptops and phones. This ensures that workers can stay productive for hours if necessary.

With a fourth to a third of workers claiming that office noise is way too high and only one in ten complaining that lack of interaction is an issue, providing a private space is a sure way to help promote productivity.

Offices that have private spaces also have a better chance of increasing performance by protecting worker health. Those with entirely open spaces report a nearly two thirds higher incidence of sick days.

Better worker health, mental or physical, means greater productivity and stronger results.

Keep Sensitive Information Confidential

Whether a company is in the private sector, non-profit, or government, they all have to work with and process sensitive information. 

In many cases, this information receives the protection of federal law and leaks can become a legal disaster. Medical offices, banks and many other institutions that process private information should have areas where cases or files can be worked on or discussed confidentially.

Open offices have almost no way to protect sensitive information during discussions between coworkers or phone calls with customers. 

Sensitive information isn't just what's covered under federal law. Many in open offices complain about learning too much information about co-workers from overhearing private phone calls.

Our office furniture pods can give workers space when they need it to handle personal communications and not annoy their colleagues

Worker Privacy Booths Made in the USA

Zenbooth manufactures its office privacy booths entirely in the United States. They source environmentally responsible timber from California forests and assemble each product in an American factory. 

This ensures that each model meets Zenbooth’s standards for both green manufacturing and fair labor practices.

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