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If your office is like four out of five others across the United States, you have likely embraced the open office concept in some form. Since the 1960s, employers have increasingly turned away from cubicles and toward open spaces. 

In theory, fewer walls means more communication, innovation, and productivity. In reality, employers have found that workers need privacy to stay focused and even to maintain their own peace of mind.

Luckily, businesses and other offices can find a compromise between a costly remodel and continuing with an open office concept. Privacy booths can help to create quiet spaces that allow workers concentrate and work more productively.

Why Your Staff Needs Privacy Booths 

Nearly two-thirds of high-performance office workers say they need more quiet at work. Studies show that the amount of noise pollution and visual distractions in the office environment impact how well they are able to complete important tasks. 



It’s undeniable: open office layouts have taken over the workplace. From small-scale startups to large corporations, the open office has become the norm. While this approach has its proven benefits regarding functionality and budget, the inherent right to privacy, peace and quiet has become a luxury reserved for a select few. The fairy tale notion that open offices boost collaboration has been debunked time and time again.

The struggle is real.

If you work in one of these modern offices, you understand its challenges. Conference rooms are hard to come by, collaborating with your teammates at their desk is an incredible distraction to others, and honestly, it ends up being easier to email your neighbors rather than speak to them.

In keeping with our commitment to creating quality private and quiet spaces for all, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Executive Room to our family of products, which will help solve companies’ conference room space problems.

Just a box...or is it?

Maybe your company culture is the type to throw a few bean bags down to meet informally in a chill space”, or perhaps it could use a more formal conference room alternative with sound dampening capabilities.

However, conference room space is hard to come by, with employees battling for rooms and arguing over schedules.