Introducing the Executive Room: the answer to limited conference room space


It’s undeniable: open office layouts have taken over the workplace. From small-scale startups to large corporations, the open office has become the norm. While this approach has its proven benefits regarding functionality and budget, the inherent right to privacy, peace and quiet has become a luxury reserved for a select few. The fairy tale notion that open offices boost collaboration has been debunked time and time again.

The struggle is real.

If you work in one of these modern offices, you understand its challenges. Conference rooms are hard to come by, collaborating with your teammates at their desk is an incredible distraction to others, and honestly, it ends up being easier to email your neighbors rather than speak to them.

In keeping with our commitment to creating quality private and quiet spaces for all, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Executive Room to our family of products, which will help solve companies’ conference room space problems.

Just a box...or is it?

Maybe your company culture is the type to throw a few bean bags down to meet informally in a chill space”, or perhaps it could use a more formal conference room alternative with sound dampening capabilities.

However, conference room space is hard to come by, with employees battling for rooms and arguing over schedules.  For many companies, a permanent build-out of more conference rooms is either too expensive or impossible because of a lack of space.  The Executive Room is a perfect solution for small groups looking to do collaborative work without having to worry about finding conference room space or disturbing fellow employees.

With its roomy 7’ x 7’ interior, the Executive Room allows you you to hold meetings with multiple people, while still enjoying many of the features people have come to love in our other models:

  • 3.5” thick acoustic wall construction with sound insulation that keeps conversations private
  • Superb ventilation from high-powered fans that keeps you cool and smelling fresh while you work
  • 4 plexiglass skylights to allow natural light to pour into the booth
  • Two (2) power and data units with a total of four (4) fast-charging USB outlets and 15A 110v electrical outlets to charge your devices while you work

Designed with the ADA in mind.

The Executive Room is our most accessible booth yet, and is designed with certain aspects of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in mind.  203.9 of the ADA states that “employee work areas…shall be designed & constructed so that individuals with disabilities can approach, enter, and exit the…work area.”  We have designed the Executive Room to adhere to this guideline wherever possible.  For information on the specific sections of the ADA that the Executive Room adheres to, check out the “Compliance” section on the Executive Room product page.

Limitless possibilities.

The Executive Room’s spacious interior also allows for maximum customization.  Whether it be an office for one, or a 4-6 person round-table meeting area, the configurations and uses are potentially limitless.

Here are some of the use cases that our customers and end users have discovered with their Executive Rooms:

  • Mini conference room
  • Huddle space on a rocket manufacturing floor
  • Mini office for C-level executives
  • Teleconferencing room

Here at Zenbooth, one of our employees who recently became a new mom found a new use for the Executive Room.

For more information, please visit the Executive Room product page, or our FAQ’s.


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