2020 Office Furniture Pods: 5 Features Your Team Will Love

Office furniture pods are becoming increasingly popular among employers who are looking to create a more efficient and modern office environment. 

The satisfaction and productivity rates of so many American workers have become negatively affected by an inability to focus due to distractions. 

The easy incorporation of a Zenbooth product into your workspace will provide an immediate escape for employees to finish work quickly, conduct private phone calls and conversations, and host important guests with comfort and confidence. 

There are multiple unique features that put Zenbooth head and shoulders above any other office pods available on the market. 

Here are the five that may be the most directly beneficial to a workspace, its users and their overall efficiency rate.

High-Quality Ventilation System

Office spaces can become stuffy if they have a poor ventilation system. This is why all of Zenbooth's products are outfitted with high-quality ventilation to ensure there's  a healthy circulation of cool, natural air. 

It doesn't matter if there's just one person in the room making a phone call, or six people working on a group task, having clean and fresh air is hugely important. 

A proper, high-quality ventilation system is also a vital preventative measure against sweating, hot flashes, dizziness, dehydration, and the spread of illnesses like the flu that can run rampant in many office environments.

The air in-booth can be completely exchanged in just one minute by our high-powered motion-activated fans that keep people refreshed and comfortable throughout the day (especially in the summer months). 

It is far easier to work under conditions that take into account things like room temperature and basic comfort. Workers will be able to conduct meetings and work on assignments without sweating through their shirt or needing to stand by an open window.

This is perhaps the most unique feature of these office pods. Many alternatives neglect the paramount importance of good ventilation, and too many workers have to pay the price.

Soundproof Design Within Office Furniture Pods

One of the major downsides of an open workspace layout is the frequent distractions. While it's great to be able to communicate easily with co-workers, trying to conduct an important phone call, or get your work done efficiently can be difficult if workers are in an active environment.  

Keyboard tapping, eating, and multiple conversations are all happening at once so having a private conversation is just impossible. 

With a Zenbooth you can keep these open communicative spaces without having to deal with constant interruptions or a lack of privacy. The soundproof design of each model includes echo absorption through echo-reducing perforated aluminum panels, and 3.5-inch thick cotton insulated walls. 

This ensures that private conversations stay private.

Soundproofing measures are also a major benefit to people trying to work on high-focus solo assignments, groups that need a private place to work, and to those trying to host guests for meetings and interviews without having to meet at an entirely different location.

Choosing Zenbooth means no more distractions and no more interruptions--just privacy, comfort, and efficiency.

Office Furniture Pods Have Gentle, Natural Lighting

The harsh lighting of both a cubicle-based or open office plan can be distracting and irritating, especially when you're trying to focus. 

While some office pods may offer an escape from that lighting, many instead get stuck with darker, more claustrophobic spaces with solid ceilings. 

In fact, some office pod designs require workers to bring their own light source inside. Zenbooths are designed with a shatterproof plexiglass ceiling. This brings light into the booth, preventing the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Having light coming through plexiglass creates a far more comfortable work environment than being in dim lighting or overly harsh lighting. Zenbooth's plexiglass ceiling skylight doesn't take up any extra room in the pod itself, leaving the area bright and spacious all day long. 

Both harsh and dim office lighting is known to have a direct effect on worker productivity, despite being a consistently overlooked feature. In fact, a study performed by the American Society of Interior Design revealed that 68 percent of employees found the lighting situation in their offices to be unpleasant. 

There was also a study conducted in Silicon Valley that found 79% of computer users feel unsatisfied with their lighting situation. It is clear that throughout multiple industries, both ends of the lighting spectrum can severely affect productivity. 

All the Right Electrical Outlets

Anyone who has ever worked in an office probably knows the frustration of needing an electrical outlet but not having access to one. 

Whether you simply don't have enough at your desk or your noisy, distracting coworkers are taking up all the outlets nearby, it can be such an avoidable waste of an employee's time.

Not to mention that it's incredibly annoying to have to go to the other side of an office to find a free outlet just to charge your laptop. 

This is why our models are fully equipped with all the features you'll need to power and utilize your devices. They have multiple built-in 15A 110v outlets, fast-charging USB outlets, and data ports to ensure that workers always have immediate access to all the charging and connectivity features they need. 

This is ideal for any worker trying to finish an important individual assignment. 

Cool and Calming Aesthetic

There is nothing about dull, lifeless gray cubicles that empowers anyone coming into work each morning. Their rigidity and uninspired design only perpetuate feelings of being trapped & locked into a daily routine. Their entire aesthetic makes work feel like work.

Thankfully, these cubicles are becoming a thing of the past as forward-thinking companies and ambitious startups have been embracing a more open workspace plan to help their employees feel comfortable and motivated throughout the workweek. 

Zenbooth's office pods make for a clean, stylish alternative to both lifeless gray cubicles and occasionally disruptive open workspaces. 

Each pod is made with a maple interior and exterior finishing, allowing them to be visually appealing while still being sleek enough to be incorporated into every office space without being too distracting. 

Their cool and calming aesthetic helps employees feel at home and allows them to have silence, privacy, and relaxation while trying to finish their work or make a phone call. 

Maintaining a pleasant and welcoming aesthetic is continually underestimated by employers. Something as simple as shifting the 'vibe' of your workspace can increase productivity, aid in meaningful staff retention, and reduce stress and discomfort. 

Having a sleek office furniture pod where people can escape for privacy and efficiency is better overall for an employee's well being.

Change Your Office Space Today

Phone and meeting pods are the best furniture for the open office. They create increased satisfaction and productivity, especially when you consider all of their technical features.

Proper ventilation, soundproofing, natural light, multiple outlets and a sleek design are just a few of the many benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Update your office and watch the incredible change that a Zenbooth can bring to your business. 

Reach out today to place an order or to ask any questions you may have about how our products can accelerate the growth of your business and improve employee satisfaction. 

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