Open Office Phone Booths for Increased Worker Productivity

Business owners strive to create quiet office environments that enhance productivity in their workforce. Unfortunately, this can be tricky, especially in modern open-plan offices.

So, how do you ensure your employees are comfortable at the office, while also safeguarding productivity? It's time to consider investing in open office phone booths.

Inside these individual work pods, employees and entrepreneurs can conduct private meetings, make phone calls and find a calm personal space. 

The Features and Benefits of Open Office Phone Booths

Zenbooths are designed to keep users cool by cycling fresh air into the enclosure once every minute. The booths come with cutting edge ventilation systems to enhance comfort. This system is motion activated so it starts running as soon as someone enters the booth.

Supporting Private Conversations

We all want privacy when having a conversation over the phone.

If you want to make your employees feel comfortable in an open office setting, our phone booths are a perfect addition to your workspace.

Each model is built with layers of acoustic felt panels and recycled denim insulation to ensure any sound coming from the booth is completely dampened.

The panels also absorb external sounds creating a noise-free interior.

Providing High Levels of Flexibility

Our modern office furniture can fit into almost any workplace interior. Each model has neutral aesthetics that can seamlessly match nearly all open office designs, themes, and furniture pieces.

In addition, employees have the luxury of changing positions for better ergonomics thanks to the height-adjustable desks.

Well-Lit and Spacious

There is ample lighting and space in both the single person comfort booth and 4-6 person executive meeting pods.

Users can enjoy a full skylight ceiling lighting and dimmable lighting to match their moods and preferences. Zenbooth's unique design and layout maximizes the use of interior space without compromising on quality.

Convenient Charging Facilities

Open office phone booths come with UL-listed electrical connections that allow users to charge their mobile devices and stay connected.

When you allow your employees to bring their own devices to the workplace, you can increase productivity and cut costs by letting them use their laptops and smartphones inside the booth.

Ensuring Full Compliance

Our office pods are carefully built with HR, fire, and accessibility compliance in mind. Investing in our booths won’t feel like a huge hassle on your part because everything is designed for you and your employees' comfort.

Zenbooth’s dedicated sales team is capable of shipping the booths to your office within seven days of placing your order. Furthermore, a service team will ensure that you get the right parts from Zenbooth’s US factory under our three-year warranty.

Easy to Assemble

Our products are built with sturdy and durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Although the booths are shipped flat-packed, they’re very easy to assemble and set up.

Moreover, their lightweight build allows users to move them effortlessly around the office to wherever they’re needed. The tough wooden material used to construct them does not trap dirt.

You only need a wet cloth to wipe down any accidental spills on the panels.

30-Day Return Policy

If you’re interested in a Zenbooth, but are still on the fence about committing to a purchase, we'll let you have any model for 30 days and return it if you're not satisfied.

For instance, if you choose to order the Comfort Booth, the 30-day return policy will apply on your first two orders. The return policy allows you to sample different models to find the perfect fit for your office.

Comfort Booth Details

This is a stylish privacy phone booth that allows office workers to get important or confidential tasks done in silence.

Your employees can make priority phone calls without wasting valuable conference room space. Shipping is free, and your order will be fulfilled within 7-30 days depending on which delivery method you choose. The newest version of our Comfort Booth costs $3,695.00.

Executive Booth XL Details

This particular open office phone booth is designed to hold 2-4 people. So, if your employees or teams often conduct private meetings, this is the right model for you. The Executive Booth XL costs $7,995.00.

Executive Room Details

The Executive Room is ideal for conducting larger meetings of up to six people. Instead of investing in expensive permanent build-outs or renting conference room spaces, this product is a much more cost effective option.

For only $13,995.00, you get ample conference room space for conducting quiet office meetings.

An open office layout helps utilize the available office space and cut costs, but your employees also need their privacy in order to work comfortably. With Zenbooth, you can have the best of both worlds.

We provide a quiet escape for every worker to take a break from their chaotic and stressful work environment.

A study conducted by the University of Warwick found that happy employees worked harder and were 12% more productive than the average worker.

Office booths promote happiness and boost workers’ morale by showing that you care about their privacy, even in the ever-shrinking workspace. At the end of the day, you end up with a motivated and highly productive staff.

To enhance your office, get in touch with us today. 

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