Soundproof Office Booths To Make Your 2020 Workspace Feel Like 2030

The way we get work done is changing fast; therefore the office environment must change with it.

To ensure maximum productivity and employee satisfaction, company's need to get creative.Today’s workforce will have five different jobs before the age of 35. Advertising for, interviewing, and training up new hires is expensive.

So it makes sense to provide a workspace where employees will feel comfortable and free to work in a way that ensures high levels of workplace satisfaction.

Soundproof office booths help achieve this goal by lowering anxiety and offering people privacy. 

The Stress Problem Caused By Modern Offices

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Open plan offices have been a popular style of workspace design for decades, but we now recognize that while cost-effective and practical, this type of office space may not always be in the best interests of its employees, or result in optimum productivity.

An open office space fosters communication and collaboration, which can improve employee relationships and lead to a more innovative and creative working environment.

However, this collaborative atmosphere comes at a cost. Some of the downsides of open plan office design include:

Lost Efficiency Due to Noise

With so many people working in one space and no walls to break up the sound, it’s bound to create a noisy environment. This might not be a problem for those who prefer to work against constant background noise, or for working on tasks that don’t require focused concentration.

But for those individuals who work best in a completely quiet environment, open offices can spell disaster for productivity.

Even people who usually aren’t bothered by a bit of noise will do better working in a quiet environment for certain tasks such as making phone calls or writing reports.

Visual Distractions

As well as the distraction of noise, office workers in open plan environments also have to deal with the visual nuisances around them.

While noise can sometimes be blocked out by using headphones when necessary, there’s no easy way to eliminate visual distractions. Even partitions and room dividers will only go a limited way towards creating an environment that encourages concentration.

Lack of Privacy

Anybody who’s worked in an open plan office will know that it’s impossible to keep a secret – everyone seems to know everyone else’s business, and gossiping is rife.

This can be a particular problem when dealing with situations that need to be kept confidential such as employee performance reviews, or even reading sensitive information in an email.

If you’ve ever had to run out of the office to take an important personal phone call and then missed the call because it took too long for you to get outside, you’ll appreciate the idea of a close and private space you can slip into within seconds.

Unhealthy Environment

Not only can working in an open office be bad for your mental health and increase stress levels, but it can also impact your physical health.

Being around all those people means that germs and viruses can spread like wildfire – in fact employees working in open plan offices take up to 62% more sick days than workers in traditional offices.

Download Zenbooth's Detailed Product Catalogs

Introducing Soundproof Office Booths By Zenbooth

Zenbooth is a modern solution that allows companies to retain the positive aspects of open plan offices while removing the issues that make them an unattractive company environment for the workforce of today.

The Zenbooth is a freestanding modular privacy booth that is available in two different sizes and configurations. 

It’s designed to give companies an easy and flexible way of providing designated quiet zones. Soundproof office booths act as distraction-free retreats for employees who need to fully concentrate on a task, or who just want a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern office.

These open office workstations are fully kitted out with electrical outlets, USB ports, and a ventilation system that ensures a comfortable working environment.

The Zenbooth is available in two models that come in maple or white:

  • The one-person Comfort Booth, designed for private phone calls and solo focused work
  • An Executive XL Booth that provides enough space for two people and is ideal for interviews, performance reviews, or just more space to spread out and work alone


Zenbooth Features

Zenbooths includes several innovative features that make it a better choice than traditional office cubicles or other office privacy partitions:

  • A skylight of shatter-proof plexiglass ensuring maximum natural daylight to reduce eye strain
  • Power and data outlets
  • Anti-fatigue mat flooring to improve comfort when working at a standing desk
  • Fully insulated walls with echo-absorbing panels to block out external sounds
  • Built from eco-friendly materials
  • Automatic ventilation system with occupancy sensor
  • Easy to disassemble and move
  • Modern and natural design which fit any office aesthetic

Zenbooths are made in California by an in-house manufacturing and design team. They are constructed with locally sourced and recycled materials including ground up blue denim insulation, laminated wooden panels sourced from local forests, high-grade aluminum, safety plexi glass, and tempered glass.

The booths can be shipped to anywhere in the US within 5 to 10 days and take between one and six hours to build, depending on the booth model.

Uses of Soundproof Office Phone Booths

Whatever your industry or office size, the Zenbooth is a flexible and easy way to provide quiet and distraction-free space in your working environment.

These working booths can be used for:

  • Making confidential phone calls discussing high-level business tactics or issues covered by federal privacy laws that shouldn’t be overheard by everyone in the office.
  • Conducting performance reviews, disciplinary action, or one-on-one work discussions that need to be made in private.
  • Dealing with differences in personalities at work and allowing introverts and extroverts to have their own separate workspaces.
  • A quiet space for meditation, reading, or other calming activities to take essential work breaks and reduce stress.
  • Small group meetings, leaving larger meeting rooms and conference rooms free for other purposes.
  • A quiet space with no background distractions for podcasts, video conferences, client video calls, or press calls.

Create a More Flexible and Productive Working Environment with Zenbooth

Some of the companies successfully using Zenbooth's soundproof office booths to provide quiet and distraction-free workspaces for their employees include Gizmodo, Shopify, Virgin, Samsung, CapitalOne, and Fox.

Our clients frequently remark about how impressed they are with the build quality of the booths, the fully integrated hardware, how well background noise is blocked out, and how they’ve totally transformed the layout of the office, allowing employees to work better on their own and as a team.

To find out more about how Zenbooth could improve your office, or to discuss details of the different Zenbooth models, contact our sales team at (510) 646-8368, or visit one of our showrooms across America and try them out for yourself.

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